Questionable Tweets

Questionable Tweets

Here are some tweets, two from the City of Port Moody suggesting the draft OCP is supported by a significant majority of people.


Nov. 29 tweet claims stats from the town hall meeting show almost two-thirds support the proposed plan.  What?  Methodology and details please.

CityofPoMo ‏@CityofPoMo  27 Nov 
Lots of support for “high density” in various part of #PortMoody as outlined in the draft OCP. What do you think?

Michael Geller ‏@michaelgeller  28 Nov 
.@CityofPoMo @CKNW I can confirm that altho early speakers generally concerned/opposed majority of later speakers very supportive of OCP!

CityofPoMo ‏@CityofPoMo  29 Nov 
Stats from folks who gave input at OCP Town Hall: 63.2% in favour of OCP & 36.8% not so much. How about you?

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6 Responses to Questionable Tweets

  1. mccapm says:

    Question to city from MCCA:

    Please advise methodology to arrive at conclusion below.

    CityofPoMo @CityofPoMo 29 Nov
    Stats from folks who gave input at OCP Town Hall: 63.2% in favour of OCP & 36.8% not so much. How about you?

    Thank you.
    Reply from city:

    The most recent online comment forms, email correspondence and the video from the November 27th OCP Town Hall was reviewed and a “point” given to the overall tone / comments from the speakers – “Supportive” or “Opposed”.
    Reply from MCCA:

    Your tweet said “stats from folks who gave input at OCP Town Hall …” – not all the rest of it. My stats from transcribing the meeting tell a completely different story.

    You gave a wrong and misleading impression with that tweet. The word that comes to mind is propaganda.


    Reply from city:

    No intention to mislead nor did we. The fact that so many people are participating by sending in their comments for the Town Hall is a very good thing!

    Our Tweet was meant to create additional comments and conversation. We are very happy with Port Moody residents sharing their vision and ideas.

    The Community was invited to comment and we are getting great comments – again, a very good thing.

    Some folks do not do well at public speaking but write eloquent emails so we are happy to include their views into the night’s conversations. Regrettably not all the comments aired at the Town Hall but we are recording all emails, etc.

    All the best.

    • A review of the written public feedback on the OCP included in the council agenda package for December 10, 2013 indicates very strong disapproval of the proposed Official Community Plan – at least 4 out of every 5 people. It’s a very interesting read, with comments touching on many items of concern. – Item 6.1

      Based on the comments made at the Nov. 27 town hall (more than 2:1 disapproval), and the written comments gathered since November 5, it is extremely hard to understand how the city could claim:

      “Stats from folks who gave input at OCP Town Hall: 63.2% in favour of OCP & 36.8% not so much.”

      The city is claiming almost two-thirds of the community support the proposed OCP!

      How can such overwhelming disapproval publicly expressed by the community be called support for the plan? What other statistics are suspect?

  2. PM Northshore Resident says:

    I am a recent (handicapped) north shore resident of Port Moody. I had to leave the meeting at the beginning because the room was dangerously overcrowded and I felt unsafe being trapped in it. The aisle and exit were blocked by wall to wall people. It probably was way over Fire Marshall limits. Is there no larger venue in the city to hold these meetings?
    I then listened to the live feed at home. How anyone can deem this meeting to be a 63% support for the OCP defies logic. Only a scant few talked in favour, but most (way over 90%) outright rejected the OCP or had one or more issues that the OCP did not address to their liking. I don’t call this support.
    BTW, count me in as not supporting this OCP. It affects me negatively in many ways. I am looking forward to the next meeting.

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  4. raymond burr says:

    I agree with PM Northshore resident. I was also there and had to sit in the aisle. What I saw that seems to represent the so called 63% were speculators and developers about 20 to 30 of them while the remainder over 200 said no to the OCP. My guess is that all these so called Town hall and council meeting that discussed the OCP were nothing but a charade. No One except for Zoe Royer and Rick Glumac heard want we were saying. I suggest that you exercise your democratic rights and go out and VOTE THOSE OUT who promised to listen to the citizens of Port Moody and then didn’t. It is one thing to listen yet another to hear.

  5. Rick Evon says:

    I attended the public hearings on the OCP. I agree with PM Northshore Resident that most residents at the OCP public hearings were against the OCP. Council is crazy to say otherwise as this was obvious. Yes, the Council Chambers were filled to the brim, including outside with residents however there is enough room for conducting business 99% of the time. Most of the time you could hear a pin drop but this was a very resonating and polarizing issue hence the overcrowding. It did get pretty sweaty in there. Too bad council didn’t feel the heat!

    Rick Evon
    Port Moody resident 43 years

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