OCP to council Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dear residents,

On December 10, 2013 council will receive the November 2013 draft OCP, together with the community feedback received since Nov 4th, 2013 and the proceedings of the November 27 town hall meeting.  The meeting starts at 7:00 pm, and there will be a public input period near the beginning of the meeting, likely with time limits (e.g., 2 minutes per person).

The agenda is now available on-line.  It is a large document:  http://www.portmoody.ca/modules/showdocument.aspx?documentid=6118

A review of the written public feedback (see link above) indicates very strong disapproval of the proposed Official Community Plan – at least 4 out of every 5 people.  It’s a very interesting read, with comments touching on many items of concern.

Based on the comments made at the town hall, and the written comments, it is extremely hard to understand why the city would claim in a tweet:

“Stats from folks who gave input at OCP Town Hall: 63.2% in favour of OCP & 36.8% not so much.”

The city is claiming almost two-thirds of the community supports the proposed OCP!  For more, see:  https://portmoodycommunity.wordpress.com/2013/11/30/questionable-tweets/.

The Moody Centre Community Association encourages you to let council know how you feel, and to attend the December 10th meeting if possible.  You can also watch meetings online live, or after the event (http://www.portmoody.ca/index.aspx?page=322).  Below are email contacts for council and city planning.

Council – council@portmoody.ca
Planning – planning@portmoody.ca
OCP  –  ocp@portmoody.ca

You can also send your comments to mcca.pm@gmail.com.

For more information on the proposed Official Community Plan, see:

Check out the Moody Centre Community Association’s new blog/website.  It is updated regularly as time allows.  You can post your own comments.  


Also included on the site are links to Port Moody news articles and other social media.  Besides the main page, there are pages with drop-downs to access more news and information.

This week, the Friday December 5, 2013 Tri-City News contained a letter to the editor:
‘Small-town,’ really?

As always, we welcome your comments and input to MCCA.

Please feel free to forward this email.  Talk to your neighbours and friends.

Hazel Mason, President
Moody Centre Community Association (MCCA)
Respond:  mcca.pm@gmail.com

MCCA logo

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