Community Update – January 19, 2014

MCCA question for council, public input

At the Tuesday, January 14, 2014 council meeting, Hazel Mason, MCCA president, asked council this question:

“At last week’s council committee of the whole, council agreed Coronation Park would have a neighbourhood plan consultation prior to any OCP changes for their neighbourhood.  Given the scope and major impacts of the proposed changes in Moody Centre, and as discussed by council in late 2012, will Moody Centre residents receive the same opportunity?”

Mayor Clay said not as the draft currently reads, but council can take the request under advisement.

MCCA responds to statements about our association

At the Port Moody council meeting held on January 14, 2014, some unfair and incorrect statements were made about the Moody Centre Community Association.

Three separate individuals spoke about MCCA in a negative fashion (all associated with a group advocating the Westport development).  The most prolific of these speakers is a well-known local realtor and Port Moody resident.

Although many things were said (without merit), the biggest complaint appeared to be in reference to the January 2013 meeting hosted by MCCA at the Legion Hall to discuss the draft OCP.  The invitation to residents was distributed using Canada Post to reach as many people in our catchment area as possible.

Two of the speakers were upset that the invitation excluded them because they didn’t live in Moody Centre.  Because we expected a large turnout, it was not an “open” invitation, and we were correct – we had an overflow crowd.  It was standing room only.

As noted by one of the January 14th speakers who complained about this, she brought her own chair and did attend the meeting.  She was one of several present who were not the intended audience.  When we asked for people to sign-in, most complied, but some did not.

We had no intention to offend, and believe it was entirely appropriate to limit the invitation to residents (owners and renters) of our catchment area.

A little more about MCCA …

The association, formed in 1979, operates with committed, unpaid volunteers to serve the Moody Centre community, and to some extent the broader community of Port Moody.  Elections are held at our annual general meetings to determine the executive/director positions.

The association occasionally hosts events such as information meetings, social events (most recently a picnic at Rocky Point Park in September 2013), and municipal all candidates meetings/debates during election years.  Information meetings sometimes include guests; for example, BC Assessment, Translink and Evergreen representatives, Port Moody staff including bylaws and planning, Port Moody council, and at one time we had a presentation from the Westport group, formerly known as the Western Station Committee (and Western Gateway).  Just a few examples.

With a limited budget, it can be challenging to do some of these things but we do our best.  The picnic with a BBQ, activities, and prizes was helped with donations from local businesses, as well as the city.

We communicate with flyers, by email, in-person, and with our new website.  We encourage feedback and engagement.  We do not censor viewpoints that may be different from the majority.  When we did a survey of Moody Centre residents in early 2013 about the draft OCP, all submissions received were forwarded to the city together in a package from MCCA.  They are also posted on this website at, along with other community feedback under that tab.

We welcome comments — and encourage a respectful dialogue.

MCCA logo

Email at:

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