Community Update – February 16, 2014

Some upcoming events …

Heritage Week in Port Moody — Heritage Afloat is the theme.
February 17-23, 2014
For more information, see:, and

PoMo Arts Fest
February 20-23, 2014
Port Moody Arts Centre Society is pleased to present PoMo ArtsFest 2014 and invites you to its 16th festival of the arts.
For more information, see:

The Arts Centre — focus group participants needed
The Art Centre is planning a focus group for Sunday, March 9 between 1-3pm, to help answer some very important questions, about the role and purpose of the PoMo Arts Centre.  The Centre is especially interested in hearing from people in the area who are not familiar with the Centre, or who know of it but have not been involved in any activities.  Their goal is for the community to be part of the conversation.   Refreshments and tidbits will be provided, and a $25 voucher that can be used towards an art or ceramics class at the Port Moody Arts Centre.
Please contact Fitnat Fahrner, board member, at fitnat [at]

OCP back to council – Tuesday, February 25, 2014
The OCP will be on the agenda at the regular council meeting of February 25, 2014.  Public input is allowed.  Council will review the updates from its meeting of January 7, 2014 (see meeting summary at OCP-Still a Pandoras Box of unknown outcomes).
See also, “Port Moodytown” — towers and numbers.

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