Future of the Kyle Centre

From a concerned Moody Centre resident.


As our population grows more and more, what facilities does our community want and need at the Kyle Recreation Centre?

In January, after receiving residents’ input to the Official Community Plan, City Council removed one reference to 6-storey apartment blocks and retail stores in a Cultural Plaza at the Kyle Centre property, but plans on page 86 & 87 still call for:

“Opportunities for the creation of a Cultural Plaza will be pursued on city-owned land around the existing Arts Centre with consideration of a range of uses including residential, retail, performance/cultural centre, and library and building heights up to 6 storeys.”

So nothing has really changed since this plan first appeared last fall.

Are 6-storey buildings with apartments and retail shops what you want to see built on this publicly owned land?

Separate from the OCP, a city-wide “Parks and Recreation Master Plan” has just begun. Council has short-circuited this process by already deciding that the Kyle Centre should be turned over to commercial and residential development.

One more OCP “Town Hall” will be held at 7:00 PM on Wednesday March 19th at City Hall.

The meeting will be one of the very few remaining opportunities to voice your opinion and concerns on the OCP and to reverse this policy on the Kyle Centre.

Current land-use zoning for the Kyle Centre and adjacent green space is “P1,” for recreational and cultural facilities including parks. The map below shows how the OCP would designate these publicly-owned lands as “Mixed Use,” allowing re-zoning for apartments and commercial use.

Kyle Centre area map-March 2014

Orange areas on the map are for multi-family developments, and the red colour is for mixed use. Bold numbers are the maximum number of building storeys.

Council has offered no information on whether the City would finance and build a residential-commercial block and then act as a landlord, or whether they would prefer to sell the property to a developer outright.

The desirable features of a Cultural Plaza don’t require any land-use changes:

A library, performance stage, and an enhanced community centre could all be built with existing P1 Zoning.

The draft OCP with new land-use maps is available at City Hall or online at www.portmoody.ca/index.aspx?page=704

Send OCP comments or questions to city staff at ocp@portmoody.ca or to the Mayor and Councillors at council@portmoody.ca.

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