OCP — Quick facts, and a question

FACT:  The OCP is not just a “vision” – once adopted, all other bylaws including zoning must be updated to align with the Official Community Plan.  The OCP has very real legal ramifications.

[Local Government Act, section 884:  “All bylaws enacted or works undertaken by a council … after the adoption of an official community plan … must be consistent with the relevant plan.”]

FACT:  The city has never provided a business case – triple bottom line cost/benefit analysis (social, economic, environmental) for this plan.

FACT:  Port Moody and Surrey have been the fastest growing cities in BC , and Port Moody is in the top 20 in Canada overall.

FACT:  Without tools to measure growth, such as units per acre, site coverage, floor-space-ratio, the growth predictions are meaningless.  Density bonusing adds another layer of uncertainty.

FACT:  Densification and transit-oriented-development were never requirements for the two Port Moody Skytrain stations.  Port Moody is ahead of its regional growth commitments.  The station locations were chosen because one has already densified, and the other is an existing transit hub.

FACT:  Much of Moody Centre is rated environmentally sensitive and moderate to high-hazard land.  The soil type is similar to that of where most of the damage (and loss of life) occurred during a recent earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand – at high risk of soil liquefaction in the event of an earthquake.  Higher buildings and density pose higher risks.

FACT:  Supporting plans such as parks and recreation and transportation are out of date (and should be completed prior to adoption of an OCP).

FACT:  Most of the vocal support for densification of west Moody Centre and Charles Street comes from people who don’t live there, or even in Port Moody (such as an oft-quoted person who lives in a nearby semi-rural community).

QUESTION:  If a member of council owns property in an area designated for upzoning, should he or she abstain from voting on the plan?  Is it a conflict – or not?

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