OCP to Public Hearing — April 22, 2014

Port Moody council passed 1st and 2nd readings of the OCP bylaw at its meeting on April 8, 2014. Councillors Rick Glumac and Zoe Royer were the only members of council who voted against the draft Official Community Plan as it is currently written.

Excerpt from the Tri-Cities Now, Friday, April 11, 2014:
“Coun. Gerry Nuttall argued the OCP is a broad vision for the future, not a rigid document that cannot be changed until the next five-year review. He called it a “living document,” meaning anyone with a proposal that does not conform to the OCP could ask for an amendment, which would still have to go through a  public hearing process to get council and public input.

Mayor Clay and other members of council have said repeatedly that we should not be worried about this plan because residents and other stakeholders will still get a say in proposed future developments, and the zoning bylaw is a part of the process.

MCCA has questioned those statements, because the Local Government Act states that all other bylaws must conform with the Official Community Plan. If a proposal comes forward that fits within the OCP, it may not need to go through another public approval process.

From the city website:
ZONING BYLAW: New Zoning Bylaw Planned for 2014
The Zoning Bylaw designates all land within the city as a certain zone. Zoning determines what uses are permitted on a particular property and regulates the siting, height and density of buildings. The Zoning Bylaw is intended to reflect the direction provided by the City’s Official Community Plan (OCP).
For more information, see: http://www.portmoody.ca/index.aspx?page=314

Councillors Glumac and Royer proposed more consultation with Moody Centre, since most of the proposed changes are within Moody Centre [MCCA has been requesting this for more than a year]. Unfortunately, Mayor Clay and councillors Dilworth, Elliott, Nuttall, and Small voted against the motion.

The public hearing date is set for Tuesday, April 22, 2014. Details to follow when known.

To see the Tri-City News and Tri-City Now articles from this week, see: https://portmoodycommunity.wordpress.com/in-the-news-2/2014-04-13-ocp-media-articles/

To view the council meeting of April 8, 2014 passing 1st and 2nd readings of the OCP, see: http://portmoodybc.swagit.com/play/04082014-1030

The latest OCP land use map is here:

Much more information is available on this site. Check out the posts and different pages seen near the top (with drop-down menus).

For city contact information, see:

As always, we welcome your comments and input to MCCA, either to our email at mcca.pm@gmail.com, or as a posted comment on this site.


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