Community update — May 11, 2014

1. Update on Official Community Plan (OCP)
2. Parks and recreation wants your ideas to serve seniors better (see below)

Official Community Plan Update
This Tuesday, May 13, 2014, council will discuss Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) amendments for four separate areas designated in the draft official community plan. If approved, all sites would change to General Urban (a total area of about 51 acres):
• Mill and Timber site (size of area is approx. 12.3 ha, or 30 acres) — a special study area
• Andres Wines site (size of area is approx. 1.3 ha, or 3 acres) — a special study area
• Murray Street boulevard site (size of area is approx. 4.3 ha, or 10 acres)
• Moody Centre transit-oriented development area (TOD) (size of area is approx 3.5 ha, or 8 acres)

The current and proposed RGS land use designations are:
Mill and Timber — change from Industrial (with special study overlay) to General Urban
Andres Wines — change from Industrial to General Urban
Murray Street boulevard — Area A change from Industrial to General Urban; and Area B change from Mixed Employment to General Urban
Moody Centre TOD — change from Mixed Employment to General Urban

Suggested ‘potential timeline targets’ start with submission of requests on May 14, 2014, various steps in between, and ending with Metro Vancouver Board’s consideration of RGS amendment bylaw final readings, potentially in October 2014.

Much more information is available in the agenda package, including minutes from the OCP Public Hearing of April 22, 2014, and minutes from the Land Use Committee meeting on the OCP held April 1, 2014.
The — very large — document is available online here:

Parks and recreation — services for seniors
The city’s parks and recreation department is exploring ways to make recreation facilities, services and programs more age-friendly, and wants to hear from local seniors, caregivers, and senior service providers on how to offer the best possible recreation services for Port Moody’s older residents.

One session was held last Wednesday, but another is scheduled for:

Wed, May 14, 9am–12pm
Port Moody Recreation Complex at 300 Ioco Road
Complimentary refreshments

You can register online — — or:
Call 604.469.4561 or 604.469.4556; or sign up in person at Kyle Centre or the Port Moody Recreation Complex

As always, we welcome your questions, comments and input to MCCA, either by email to, or as a comment on this site.

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