OCP: Will council go rogue, approve the OCP, and enter into a dispute with Metro Vancouver?

At its upcoming meeting on July 22, 2014, council will discuss the draft OCP and next steps.  It is possible council may choose to adopt the OCP at this meeting.

The agenda (large file size, 384 pages) is here:

Item 9.10 — Draft Official Community Plan, RGS Amendments and Next Steps
As reported last weekend, the Metro Vancouver Board of Directors approved two of Port Moody’s zoning requests, and denied two others (the Andres wine site, and the Mill and Timber, aka Flavelle, site). To obtain Metro Vancouver Board approval, Port Moody must make amendments and re-send the plan to the Board for further review.

The video from the Metro Vancouver Board meeting of July 11, 2014 is available here:   http://youtu.be/t33i2bo6kdc

Mayor Mike Clay and Planning submitted a report for council’s final meeting before summer break, recommending it be “received for information AND THAT Council provide direction on next steps for the OCP update.”

“Council may decide NOT to amend the OCP in either case [the two areas denied] and move forward with adoption of the OCP without the support of Metro Vancouver.” 

Additional excerpts
Due to some recent challenges to the Regional Growth Strategy authority, and the apparent contradiction that exists with the Mill and Timber site, Council may wish to consider proceeding with adoption of the OCP without the RGS amendments and following a dispute resolution process with Metro Vancouver instead. Staff should provide commentary and direction before Council makes this decision.

The RGS and the decision to route Skytrain through Port Moody recognizes, if not creates, the future of Port Moody as a commuter corridor and no longer an industrial manufacturing town. Our OCP recognizes that the corridor is a TOD area.

The entire length of Port Moody could be walked and even without the third station this [Andres] site is in reasonable walking distance to the Moody Centre Skytrain station and the entire length of the city should be recognized as a TOD area by Metro.

General comments on the amendments were that if the Board declined the amendment request for the Andres site, then they were forcing us to revisit our OCP, and this would require a new Public Hearing and we would need to re-initiate the consultation process – this would result in huge time delays, costs to the city and consumption of significant resources [estimated in the submission at $5,000+]. Once the Board had declined the Andres request, the Mill and Timber request became less ‘relevant’ as there is an opportunity to amend the OCP wording to more clearly define the ‘designation vs. vision’ issue at the same time the OCP is amended for the Andres site.

[1]  THAT Council proceed with adoption of the OCP as written in current draft.
[2]  THAT Council proceed with the process as outlined by staff to rescind 3rd reading, amend the OCP and proceed to public hearing as detailed in the report of July 17, 2014.

If Council chooses to rescind and amend the OCP [option 2], staff have provided the following timeline below:

Port Moody Process

  • Sept 2: Land Use Committee — consideration of changes to the Andres Site and Mill and Timber Site
  • Sept 9: Regular Meeting of Council: Rescinding 3rd reading of old OCP Bylaw, Give 1st and 2nd readings to amended OCP Bylaw, Refer to Public Hearing on Oct 14, Referral of Regional Context Statement to Metro
  • Oct 14: Public Hearing and 3rd Reading
  • Oct 28 or Nov 25: Adoption of OCP Bylaw

Metro Process

  • Sept 10: Submission of Regional Context Statement to Metro for consideration of acceptance
  • Sept 17: Deadline for Municipal feedback on Moody Centre TOD and Murray St Boulevard RGS amendment requests
  • Early Oct: Consideration of Regional Context Statement by Regional Planning and Agriculture Committee
  • Oct 24: Metro Board gives final consideration to RGS Amendment Bylaw for Moody Centre TOD and Murray St Boulevard areas and considers acceptance of the Regional Context Statement


The Moody Centre Community Association does not support the draft OCP, as it does not address many concerns raised by residents and communicated to Port Moody council and staff. These concerns are posted on this site in various places, including Community Feedback, MCCA Newsletters (prior to the start of this online site), and in the main blog section.

“Once adopted, the OCP has legal status which requires that all development and use of land be consistent with the policies of the plan.” (Source: City of Port Moody website)


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