If Port Moody Council decides to adopt the Official Community Plan (OCP) as is, without Metro Vancouver (GVRD) approval, who pays the legal costs for the dispute?

Is it taxpayers, or is it developers?

Either way, it’s a problem.

Taxpayers who have not endorsed this plan will not be amused.

Developers who have endorsed this plan may have deep pockets but should not be the primary shapers of our community plan.

Over to you, councillors …

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One Response to Litigation

  1. Gaetan Royer says:

    At a recent meeting, the Mayor was musing about ignoring the Regional Growth Strategy and letting Metro Vancouver sue the city. He even referred to Langley having done this.
    The facts are that the Township of Langley decided to ignore the direction set by Metro Vancouver in the Regional Growth Strategy which resulted in a legal battle that is not yet settled. The media reports that Langley spent $50,000 in this legal dispute so far. Metro Vancouver’s costs (we pay for that through our municipal taxes as well) were not disclosed. Obviously these are direct costs that do not include staff time on both sides. Improvisation, lack of foresight and lawsuits lead nowhere.

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