2014-08-14: City letter sent to Ioco Road Neighbourhood

Subject line: Redevelopment in existing neighbourhoods

The City of Port Moody sent a letter (August 14, 2014) to Ioco single family residents, advising, “in response to community concerns regarding the size of some new single family homes in existing neighbourhoods […] Council has directed staff to consider and engage the area residents on the following potential amendments to the zoning bylaw for the Ioco Single Family Residential Area.”

If you wish to see the complete letter, a link is posted on the city website here:
House Size, Height and Placement Review

A copy of the letter is also included on this site here:
Letter sent to Ioco Road neighbourhood August 14 2014

The letter contains a map showing the area under consideration (Ioco).

The Tri-Cities Now carried a story related to this discussion:
Port Moody dream home on hold

To view the current official zoning for Port Moody, see:


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One Response to 2014-08-14: City letter sent to Ioco Road Neighbourhood

  1. Gaetan Royer says:

    I visited a new house being built on a podium in the 2300 block of Hope Street. A podium is a concrete structure “under” the basement of a house. This one is about 10 feet above grade. Basements are not supposed to be up in the air… The Zoning Bylaw’s calculation of grade was amended in 2012.

    My point with this Hope Street example is that this issue is not just an Ioco Rd problem. It is happening in your neighbourhood and I don’t understand why Moody Centre residents did not get a letter as well.

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