Land Use Committee, September 2, 2014 — rezoning

There are three new items up for discussion (plus minutes from the July 3 meeting). You can provide comments in-person at the meeting, and/or in written form in advance of the meeting, no later than 12:00 noon on Sept. 2.

In person: Brovold Room, 3rd Floor City Hall, 7:00 pm, Sept. 2, 2014
By email:

The following is a brief summary only. You can review the entire agenda at the following link:

OCP Amendment and Rezoning — 2313-2315 St. Johns Street
Area: South shore, Moody Centre

“To present for consideration this Official Community Plan (OCP) amendment and Rezoning application that would allow for a 17 unit townhouse development at 2313-2315 St. Johns Street.”

“The properties at 2313-2315 St. Johns Street have a total lot area of 2,429 square metres (26,141 sq.ft.), that previously had two single-family houses on them.”

17 townhouse units proposal-St. Johns-Aug 2014


The proposed development involves 3 legal properties, one address is apparently on St. Andrew’s St.

  • Access to the site will be via St. Andrews Street, to an internal driveway
  • Total lot size about 26,000 sq. ft.
  • Total floor space ratio — about .91 (normal single-family is .5)
  • Total built space would be about 22,000 sq. ft.
  • Site coverage — about 45% (buildings; this does not include driveways and concreted outdoor surfaces)
  • Three separate buildings — two on St. John’s, each with 4 units, one on St. Andrews with 9 units
  • Four storeys (current zoning allows 3)
  • Small communal/play area, about half the size of one residential unit (see above image)
  • Two parking spaces per unit — most of them called “tandem” meaning one vehicle goes in first and 2nd vehicle follows (and has to get out of the way if vehicle #1 needs to leave — because only one entrance/exit to long narrow garage).
  • Three visitor parking spots
  • Community amenity contributions — unknown (city does not have a fixed formula because these contributions are voluntary at present)

Comment from MCCA

  • MCCA is on record as preferring “human-scale” infill development, as opposed to major densification and towers. Townhouses are seen to be more human-scale and sensitive to the existing neighbourhood.
  • MCCA is also on record with concerns about traffic, parking, safety, and the need for usable green space.
  • Is the plan for parking and access adequate? (St. Andrews is the vehicle access point. Consider Spring St. behind the Aragon building at St. Johns and Moody streets, which is now jammed and as a narrow lane suitable for one-way traffic only. St. Andrews and Spring St. are historically laneways, not standard streets.)
  • Is there enough outdoor space for residents? Will this put more pressure on Rocky Point Park?
  • Other comments?
  • It would be wonderful if there was an adjacent proposal to rezone some lots to parkland in Moody Centre (see next item, below).

We encourage residents to review the proposal and provide feedback to the city and consider copying to MCCA.

OCP Amendment, Rezoning and Parkland Dedication of Lots 67-69, Block
11 on Mercier Road
Area: North shore

“To amend the Official Community Plan (OCP) land use designation for three [recently acquired] City-owned lots on Mercier Road from Single Family Low Density Form to Parks and Open Space, and to Rezone the subject properties from Acreage Reserve (A1) to Public Service (P1). The purpose of the application is to allow for the dedication of these properties as parkland.”

Zoning bylaw text amendments — commercial medical marihuana production
Areas: North shore, and south and west shores

“To present for consideration two Zoning Bylaw text amendments:

  1. To amend GVRD Zoning Bylaw No. 511 in order to prohibit medical marihuana production uses in the Small Holding Rural Zone (A-1*) and the Extensive Rural and Recreational Zone (A-2*) lands. [north shore]
  2. To amend the City of Port Moody Zoning Bylaw No. 1890 in order to permit medical marihuana production uses in the Light Industrial (M1) and the General Industrial (M3) lands.” [south and west shores]
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