OCP Petition (online)

Update, Sept. 28 — technical difficulties: People trying to sign the online petition are currently unable to do so, except for those using Facebook. This was not an issue previously, and will hopefully be resolved soon at the host end. People who have had difficulty may want to try again in a day or two.

An online petition calling for Port Moody council to revisit the draft OCP has been started by a Port Moody resident. Here is the link: http://www.change.org/p/the-voters-of-port-moody-revisit-the-official-city-plan-in-port-moody

The draft Official Community Plan has passed 3rd reading by council despite numerous concerns expressed by residents throughout Port Moody — at overflowing town hall meetings, in writing, at council meetings, and elsewhere.

The draft plan still requires 4th and final reading. It hit a roadblock when Port Moody asked the Metro Vancouver (GVRD) board for rezoning approvals, and two of the requests were denied.

You can read a summary from Metro Vancouver by clicking on this link:
City of Port Moody Requested Amendments to Metro 2014

You can also find much more information on this site, including:
Will council go rogue, approve the OCP, and enter into a dispute with Metro Vancouver


MCCA OCP Bulletin (August 2013)

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