2014-10-09: Council poised to go rogue and pass OCP

Email from City of Port Moody, Friday, Oct. 10, 2014, 4:29 pm

“OCP Adoption at October 14th Council Meeting

Please be advised that the new Port Moody Official Community Plan is included on the October 14th Regular Council Agenda for consideration of adoption.

This meeting is scheduled for 7:00pm in Inlet Theatre, 100 Newport Drive, Port Moody.

Additional information on the OCP update process is available at www.portmoody.ca/ocp.”


From the agenda:

“Public Input – Suspended
Pursuant to section 11(l) of the Council Procedure Bylaw, Public Input Period is suspended from the beginning of the nomination period preceding a general local election or by-election until the Meeting of Council following the election.”

It doesn’t seem ethical to pass a major bylaw at a time when public input is suspended and an election is pending. Perhaps council meetings should be suspended as well?

This is not a normal situation. If council passes this OCP bylaw (4th and final reading), Port Moody will enter into a legal dispute with Metro Vancouver, potentially costing a lot of taxpayer money.

For more on this issue, see

If you don’t agree with what is happening, what can you do?

  • Email council (council@portmoody.ca)
  • Attend the meeting on Tues., Oct. 14 if you can — even though you will not be allowed to speak to council
  • Let your friends and neighbours know
  • Email mcca.pm@gmail.com

Additional reference:
Official Community Plans — purpose, authority to adopt, required content



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