Shame — OCP adoption one month before election



Five votes to adopt OCP (Clay, Dilworth, Nuttall, Small, Elliot), two against (Royer, Glumac).
Next, legal dispute with Metro Vancouver.
One taxpayer.

Updated: October 18, 2014

On October 14, 2014, council adopted the controversial OCP (Official Community Plan).

It replaces the OCP adopted in January 2011. The now former OCP resulted from meaningful community consultation, including a workshop in Moody Centre.

The new OCP is very different. It is very ‘flexible’ in terms of guiding Port Moody’s future development.

Some statements and media reporting have been inaccurate or misleading.

For example:

STATEMENT: Height references have been removed for special study areas.
FACT: The Andres “Westport” area includes references of up to 26 storeys.
To see map, click here: map link.

STATEMENT: The OCP needs to be passed so the zoning bylaw can be updated.
FACT: There is no such requirement; the zoning bylaw can be updated and amended whenever council deems it necessary, with a public hearing.

STATEMENT: This new OCP will result in a lower population growth rate.
FACT: There are no facts to support this, and Port Moody has been one of the fastest growing municipalities in the Lower Mainland since 1991. The potential growth in this new plan could be much greater than the recent past — up to 20,000+ in Moody Centre alone according to a footnote in the draft master parks and recreation plan currently in progress.

STATEMENT: Council candidates were elected in 2011 to develop and approve a new OCP.
FACT: There was discussion of the need to plan carefully to deal with impacts arising from the Skytrain line, but there was no suggestion of the very major changes now incorporated into the OCP adopted October 14, 2014.

STATEMENT: This new plan reflects majority opinion in Port Moody.
FACT: The city has not released data to support that statement, even though we have asked several times. [But the city did tweet some questionable statistics.].

In July 2014 the regional district board of directors (Metro Vancouver, also known as GVRD) expressed concerns about rezoning of industrial lands, and declined Port Moody’s requests for two areas (Andres/Westport, and the mill site beside Rocky Point Park). This is a significant issue, and should have been resolved prior to OCP adoption.

We are disappointed a majority of council decided it was appropriate to adopt this OCP one month before a municipal election, with public input suspended, and a significant event (regional district board vote) having taken place in the 6 months since the public hearing and 3rd reading (April 2014).

Council took less than half an hour to discuss and pass the OCP by a majority (5:2). To view the meeting video, click on the following link (Item 7 contains the OCP discussion):

Media coverage
Port Moody city council OK’s controversial OCP
Jeremy Deutsch / Tri-Cities Now
October 16, 2014 03:48 PM

Port Moody mayoral candidates square off on OCP
by Sarah Payne – The Tri-City News
posted Oct 16, 2014 at 6:00 PM

Port Moody sets out growth plan in adopted official community plan
by Sarah Payne – The Tri-City News
posted Oct 16, 2014 at 6:00 PM


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3 Responses to Shame — OCP adoption one month before election

  1. Mike Clay says:

    Why are your ‘facts’ so misleading ? You may not agree with the OCP , or some aspects of the OCP, but your portrayal of the ‘facts’ seems little more than an attempt to scare those that are unaware of the ‘real facts’.
    Both Andres and Mill and Timber sites are recognized in our OCP as Special Study areas, which require further consultation and public input before any change in land use would happen. The Mill and Timber site, which was cause for much concern of residents, had all heights removed so there would be no misunderstanding that there is no preconception of what heights might be allowed there. Andres has the number left there, although this doesnt entitle anyone to anything, as there was not nearly the concern – in fact a lot of support – for something of that scale on this site.
    The OCP clearly identifies a population cap/target of 50,000 by 2041 – that is 15,000 people (not eh 20,000 you reference), and that is in 30 years. Less than 1.5 % growth rate per year, which would be the lowest growth rate in Port Moody in the past 20 years (when the average has been 4.5% per year).
    As you have repeatedly pointed out, the zoning bylaw and OCP need to agree on many issues, so of course when you are in the middle of an OCP update, it would be prudent to wait to finish that before doing a zoning bylaw update. Laneway housing, for example, is a policy of the OCP that should now be brought INTO the zoning bylaws. The same applies to the Transportation Master Plan and other plans (Parks and Rec) that should SUPPORT the visions and goals of the OCP.
    The 2011 election was very much about introduction of Skytrain and the need to COMPLETE the suspended OCP process that began in 2006 and was halted until the Skytrain was confirmed. This was part of every discussion and every campaign in 2011. The amendments to the OCP are primarily on the Skytrain corridor in Moody Centre – an area where residents are crying out for revitalization and access to services and amenities. This is what the OCP addresses through the distinct ‘Evergreen Line Sub Areas’ identified in the plan which represent thousands of hours of consultation and staff time in developing, not just in the past three years, but the past 8+ years since this process began.
    This Council started working on the OCP update almost immediately following the election, and have been discussing the plan for close to 3 years. There have been several revisions made to the plan based on the feedback received from residents. Postponing the adoption of the OCP at third reading not only goes contrary to ‘standard’ procedure for adoption of bylaws, but means Council does not complete the important work they have undertaken for three years. It’s time to make a decision.
    Council adopted the OCP after several town hall meetings, design charettes, Council committee and regular meetings, input received online, in person, via email representing thousands of Port Moody residents.
    The OCP was reviewed by ALL city committees, and their feedback was considered by Council – most suggestions were incorporated in the plan. It includes comments received from the Burke Mtn Naturalists, Heritage Society, and other groups outside of Council. It was reviewed by all of our neighbouring municipalities ,Translink, Port Metro Vancouver and others for their comment, none of whom voiced any concerns. It was approved by ALL of the non-Council members of the Land Use Committee.
    We remain with an issue of inconsistency between our OCP and the Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy – this is something that needs to be addressed by working together with the regional staff and board, and this will be done in the coming months.

    • raymond burr says:

      A comment from the desk of R. Burr
      Mr. Mayor Mike Clay
      In resonse to your comment posted on the MCCA website. The facts presented by MCCA are not misleading and if it does scare those who are unaware of the true facts, the facts presented by MCCA will awaken them to realize that you and certain council members had planned this OCP since the election of 2011. Therefore Mr. Mayor it was you and certain council members who had voted for the OCP that have actually misled the Port Moody citizens. FACT, you and they in your pre-election glossy pamphlets, pre-election literature and spoken promises stated that you will protect the heritage and small town feel of Port Moody. The talk from you and others seemed to have changed very quickly after you and they were elected to office. WHY? Well my guess is that it seems that the developers who funded your election campaigns had with you and with their guidance orchestrated this OCP document from the begining (2011). I would agree with you that someone has misled the public and that seems to me to be you and certain councillors and not MCCA, who only told the truth. Mr. Mayor, there was a very important line in a T.V. series that you should be cognizant of and that is THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE.

    • Rick Evon says:

      To Mike Clay.

      While you rant almost uncontrollably in your comment you are misrepresenting the facts again.

      The election issues in 2011 were the firehall, maintaining small town character with the arrival of Skytrain and traffic related issues. Three years later Council voted for an OCP that will only make traffic worse and destroys our small town charm. There was no mention of re-opening the OCP in 95% of the candidates election flyers from 2011 including yours and most current Council.

      For years you have been invited to come out to MCCA meetings, community picnics and you pulled no-shows every time. You treat the MCCA with disdain and spite just because they expose the truth. Hazel Mason and the MCCA has been nothing but honorable, knowledgeable and up front. These people are neighbors and friends and should be treated with more respect.

      The OCP has made your property much more valuable. Passing the OCP was in your best interests. There are prospectors/developers running around the neighborhood making large offers to residents to sell before the sign even goes up. You have torn our community apart and have created great division. You live in the Old Town Centre and you let us down. You did not listen to the MCCA or residents.

      The new OCP encourages local auto body shops, light industry and business away from Port Moody by making areas like Murray and Spring st General Urban. Council raised business licenses and taxes. This is the most anti-business job crushing Council ever.

      The City and Council has given the Arts community a large expansion among other expensive Art structures in this term. I think this is a great thing and am happy for our Arts community however, residents who are not artists and just Joe and Jane Plumber feel it is their turn. We want an expanded Rocky Point Park, a new or renovated Kyle Recreation Centre and perhaps an indoor pool. We want Moody Elementary and its lands preserved not re-zoned and sold off.

      Sadly, Port Moody may be the only city in Canada with a roof over an outdoor lacrosse box but one of the only Communities in the lower mainland with no indoor pool. Westhill pool, like Kyle Centre is in shambles along with their tot lots yet Council found the money for a monstrous steel roof. To epitomize this disgrace there is a DANGER sign put on the roof of Kyle Centre that needed one 5 years ago.

      I welcome you to come out to the all candidates meeting on November 5 and tell us how the OCP was an election issue in 2011? How expanding the Old Town Centre by 15,000 people was an election issue? How placing Kyle Centre as mixed use was an election issue? How a potential lawsuit with Metro Vancouver was an issue? How you and Council misled the electorate on the referendum question? The OCP is a flawed document in part because of your lack of leadership and stubbornness to listen.

      We are looking forward to a positive, heated Mayoral debate between yourself and Gaetan Royer. Please do not let residents down AGAIN. Come out to the showdown, defend your record and your convictions. Tell us why you think the passed OCP is so good for us and the environment. How the new OCP will alleviate traffic on St. Johns St. by closing down Spring St among the other cans of worms Council opened.

      Mr. Clay you will feel the electorates wrath on November 15/2014 and that is a F A C T you can count on.

      Rick Evon
      Port Moody resident 43 years.

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