All-candidates meeting for councillor and mayor positions — Nov. 5, 2014 at Kyle Centre

Below is an invitation to candidates for councillor and mayor positions. It outlines the basic format, and includes some questions that may be asked based on community input. As well, there are additional questions posted on this site below the invitation.

Dear candidates,

This is a formal invitation to attend the all-candidates meeting hosted by the Moody Centre Community Association (MCCA).

November 5, 2014 — Kyle Centre — 7:00 pm to about 9:30 pm

We have about 2-1/2 hours to discuss issues and ideas.

The general format and timing (estimates) are as follows:

  • Welcome from MCCA
  • Candidates opening statements (maximum 2 minutes, estimated total time up to 40 minutes)
  • A few prepared questions from MCCA (estimated Q&A time 45 minutes)
  • Candidates for mayor — a couple of prepared questions, then open mic for audience questions (estimated time 30 minutes)
  • Remaining time — open mic for audience questions for all candidates
  • Candidate closing comments, if time allows.

We’ll ask for questions and responses to be brief in order to get through as many as possible.

If any candidates would like to expand on questions and answers and didn’t have enough time, we welcome you to submit additional comments to MCCA by email and we will post them online.

A table will be provided for you to place brochures or other print material for the audience.

To help you prepare, and as a courtesy, following are some of the questions that may be asked based on community input. We have heard concerns about OCP, traffic, environment, zoning, parkland and green space, public programming and facilities, to name just a few. We’ll post the questions below — and a few more — online (see link below).

  1. What are the top 3 issues needing attention to move towards your vision for Port Moody over the next few years?
  2. It is important Port Moody retains its small town charm. If elected how do you intend on preserving Port Moody’s small town charm and character?
  3. Many residents are not convinced Skytrain and expanded transit will be the only solution to traffic issues, especially on St. Johns St. What solutions do you propose to help commuter traffic flow more smoothly and safely through our city streets?
  4. If elected, do you support reopening the official community plan? Yes or no.
  5. Most non profit, community and seniors groups operate on shoe-string budgets by unpaid volunteers. How can the city help local Port Moody groups?
  6. Do you support changing Kyle Centre zoning from public to commercial mixed use?
  7. What are your priorities for the updated zoning bylaw?
  8. How are you funding your election campaign? Please state if any funds are from development interests.
  9. School district 43 has deemed Moody Elementary as surplus land. What is the best use for this land in your view?
  10. How do you propose to pay for needed infrastructure, especially as more strain is put upon areas with population growth?
  11. How does the new OCP encourage light industry to locate to Port Moody and create jobs?
  12. Port Moody has large areas of industrial lands, including special study areas. Is it important to retain the zoning, or do you have a different vision?

We look forward to seeing you on November 5th. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Hazel Mason, President
Moody Centre Community Association (MCCA)

Additional potential questions compiled from community input.
Please note that audience participants may ask questions similar to the following, or questions that do not appear below.

How do you propose to increase parkland in Moody Centre to accommodate a growing population?

Some small businesses in Port Moody are struggling especially Moody Centre. If elected what do you think is a good solution?

What is your definition of sustainable development?

What are the future plans for the expansion of Kyle Centre, including facilities for seniors?

When will traffic and safety issues be examined? (e.g., the “future development” site on St. Johns in front of 2300 block).

Port Moody Inlet was closed down to swimming this summer from bacteria. In your opinion are the boats in the harbour a health/environmental hazard and what do you propose as a solution to the problem?

Rocky Point pool and Westhill pool are in need of repairs and upgrades like siding and better washroom facilities. If elected what is it you propose to do to with our aging pools?

Laneway housing was approved in the OCP adopted in 2011, but the zoning bylaw was never fully updated … in the works for at least 7 years. Why the delay?

More questions added November 1, 2014 — community input

The Tri City News reported that the new City Manager is receiving $72,000/year more than the previous city manager. How do you justify this?

Each city sends representatives to the regional metro board (Metro Vancouver, also known as GVRD). The board does not archive meeting videos, or record individual votes on regional issues. Would you advocate for more transparency so the public can view meetings and see who voted for yes or no on issues?

Much of Moody Centre, and other areas circling the end of the Burrard Inlet are designated as hazardous lands, including slope stability issues, flooding, soil at risk of liquefaction in the event of a moderate to severe earthquake. Should this affect the type of development permitted going forward?

Do you support highrise residential towers in Moody Centre?

How do we measure growth? What tools?

What measures will you take to ensure developers provide public land, public services, and common good such as daycare, environmental improvement, and sustainability?

The Mill & Timber site is a “special study area.” What special study will you undertake, and how will you use this area to continue the vitalization of Moody Centre in keeping with the public’s clearly stated desires?

Port Moody, Coquitlam, and Port Coquitlam have no hospital with emergency surgery capability. Do you foresee this as a problem with the burgeoning population plans and how would you solve it?

Extremely large houses are perhaps the greatest threat to the character of residential areas like Moody Centre. Speculative builders tear down functional, renovated, heritage style properties to build over-sized houses which take excessive resources to build, fill up, and maintain, which frequently contain illegal and improperly constructed suites, which seal-off vital ground needed for runoff absorption, occupy important open and green space, and block light and views.

What is your position on large homes, and what concrete measures will you take to save our neighbourhoods?

What concrete measures will you take to ensure Rocky Point Park and the environmentally sensitive and vital areas of the Inlet remain the positive centre point that they are to our town? How will you increase Rocky Point Park’s area to meet the demands of an increased population?

Statements/questions directed to residents, from a resident:

SOME of council’s recent work:

  • Approved large pay hikes in a meeting not on the regular schedule just before Christmas.
  • Approved a $1,250,000 million roof over a lacrosse box.
  • Approved $60,000 worth of (looks like oil tanker) art for Moody overpass and entry to Rocky Point Park.
  • Allowed building variances for “The Station” at Moody/St. Johns (former public land).
  • Placed Kyle Centre/park at risk of commercial development.
  • Allowed Kyle Centre/Kyle park tot lot to become in disrepair.
  • Allowed Westhill pool, washrooms, tot lot to become in disrepair.
  • Moved the Appleyard house THREE times to turn it into an Arts facility while Kyle rots (with $ from park acquisition fund).
  • Provided no leadership for the future of Moody Elementary public lands.
  • High tax increases over the last few years.
  • Was your voice heard in the 2014 OCP? Did council listen?
  • On Sept. 4, 2014, in the Tri-City News, Mayor Mike Clay claimed only 10 people disapprove of the OCP (Official Community Plan). Are you one of the 10?
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One Response to All-candidates meeting for councillor and mayor positions — Nov. 5, 2014 at Kyle Centre

  1. Zoe Royer says:

    We need to ensure essentials like parks and schools, infrastructure, amenities and employment form the foundation of new growth in Port Moody… these components of sound planning don’t happen after the fact and they are not reflected in the OCP. See this link for details:

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