Candidates say yes to campaign donation disclosure before election; summary of Nov. 5 meeting

Link to candidate nomination papers and financial disclosure regarding assets, liabilities (City of Port Moody webpage)

All candidates  meeting hosted by the Moody Centre Community Association, Nov. 5, 2014 at Kyle Centre

Full house at Kyle Centre — standing room only

2014-11-05-MCCA all-candidates mtg-1

Though invited to attend, our local community papers did not cover the event. All council candidates attended — 14 vying for councillor positions, and two for the mayor’s chair.

For councillor, alphabetically:
Tom Bell
Chris Carter
Cathy Cena
Diana Dilworth
Rick Glumac
Bryan Hoad
Barbara Junker
Anne Ladouceur
Meghan Lahti
Callan Morrison
Gerry Nuttall
Zoe Royer
Rosemary Small
Robert Vagramov

For mayor
Mike Clay
Gaetan Royer

The meeting began with candidate opening statements, followed by prepared questions to all-candidates, about 30 minutes reserved for mayor contenders, and finally more questions for all candidates from the floor.

Following is a summary of some questions and answers, starting with responses to yes/no questions.

If elected, do you support reopening the official community plan, also known as the OCP? Yes or no.

Yes: Anne Ladouceur, Rick Glumac, Gaetan Royer, Meghan Lahti, Zoe Royer
No: Chris Carter, Barbara Junker, Diana Dilworth, Gerry Nuttall, Callan Morrison, Bryan Hoad, Rosemary Small, Mike Clay, Cathy Cena
“Take lead from mayor”: Robert Vagramov, Tom Bell

Do you support a 300 to 400 percent population increase in Moody Centre? Yes or no.

Yes: Cathy Cena
No: All others

Do you support changing Kyle Centre zoning from public to commercial mixed use? Yes or no.

Yes: Mike Clay
No: All others

Port Moody has large areas of industrial lands, including special study areas. Is it important to retain industrial zoning, or not? Yes or no.

Yes: All others
No: Gerry Nuttall [clarified by email later that his “no” answer was with regard to the mill site]

The zoning bylaw has been due for major overhaul for many years and doesn’t even reflect parts of the OCP adopted in 2011 such as laneway housing. Is several years a reasonable time-frame to update the bylaw? Yes or no.

No: All said several years was too long

Vancouver candidates have said they’ll disclose campaign donations publicly before the election. Will you do the same? Yes or no.

Yes: All

MCCA note: On Wednesday, Nov. 12, we’ll post whatever donation answers we’ve received by that time.


A sampling of questions and answers (not verbatim) …

For mayor contenders —
If elected, what is your first #1 priority?

Mike Clay: Goal setting for council, collaborate on setting direction for next 4 years.
Gaetan Royer: Re-focus, re-open OCP to include measurable targets, integration of other plans such as parks and recreation master plan.

The OCP adopted in 2011 was replaced by a majority of council about 3 weeks ago, with a very different new version that envisions a population increase in Moody Centre of up to 15,000 — possibly more — if built out as zoning would allow. That doesn’t take into account other areas such as large special study areas outside of Moody Centre. It may be called a 30 year vision, but what measurement tools are available to track the growth, and adjust if necessary?

Mike Clay: Assessment of each development; look at overall impact.
Gaetan Royer: Could mean profound changes. Plan needs more specifics, e.g., floor space ratios, height limits.

Question to mayor candidates on OCP and if the plan had a high level of support as stated by Mayor Clay.

Mike Clay: A lot of misinformation. Mill & Timber still a special study area. Plan has majority support.
Gaetan Royer: Significant consultation [but] many recommendations dismissed, and lack of details such as removing limits and what density bonuses might mean.

Question for all incumbents regarding spending priorities; e.g., $1.3M roof for lacrosse box, and Kyle Centre roof is in disrepair.

Mike Clay: Kyle needs redevelopment.
Rosemary Small: Need senior centre, and to find partner to make it happen.
Gerry Nuttall: Need drop-in centre for seniors.
Zoe Royer: Kyle Centre worthy of investment, equipment, library.
Diana Dilworth: Need good asset management plan.
Rick Glumac: High costs to upkeep Kyle Centre, better to replace? Need long-term and capital plan.

Question/comment on the Legion redevelopment and who would support the ongoing efforts to redevelop and include affordable units which could also benefit seniors.

All candidates felt the Legion efforts to redevelop should be supported.

Question/comment directed to Rosemary Small on wrong numbers cited with regard to firefighters contract negotiations.

Question/comment on what constitutes slate politics, with examples of most candidates receiving endorsements from one or more groups.

Question on what candidates would do to protect neighbourhoods with regard to monster homes.

All candidates felt there were issues that needed addressing.

Question on how Port Moody can be more accessible for seniors, people with disabilities.

All candidates felt there were issues that needed addressing.

If time permits, more information will be added to this summary.

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