Campaign disclosures

Update Nov. 13: We’re still hoping to hear from two candidates for council (Bryan Hoad, Barbara Junker), and one candidate for mayor (Mike Clay).
Update Nov. 14: We’ve now posted responses from the remaining candidates. We’ve also added an additional link at the bottom of this post from the Vancouver Sun BC Municipal Election Survey (of candidates).

At the all-candidates meeting hosted by the Moody Centre Community Association (MCCA) on November 5, 2014, candidates were asked this question:

Vancouver candidates have said they’ll disclose campaign donations publicly before the election. Will you do the same? Yes or no.

The response was positive and responses received up to now are below.

We know this is a very busy time for candidates, and thank you for your responses. For those of you who have not yet replied, we encourage you to do so. Additional responses will be added.

No template was provided to candidates. The information sent to MCCA is in a variety of formats.

In order of receipt.


Meghan Lahti

My campaign has been funded by myself, along with family and friends who attended a fundraiser in October. I have not used any donations from union or developers.

Update: I have received a donation in the mail today from RPMG Holdings. I will likely deposit it tomorrow. The cheque is for $1000.

Rosemary Small

All contributions come from my own pocket. I run as an independent and fund my own campaign!

Callan Morrison

My campaign is funded by myself as well as two family donations of $600 and $200. I am not endorsed or financially supported by any corporations, developers, or political parties.

Rick Glumac

Here are the donations that I’ve deposited:
$4040 – Individual donations
$3000 – CUPE
$1500 – Firefighters
$1000 – 0828607 BC LTD

Anne Ladouceur

These are the contributions I have deposited to date. Am expecting a few more small contributions.
CUPE 785 – $3000.00
Port Moody Firefighters IAFF 2399 – $750.00
K.J. Choi – $500.00
Bonita Zarillo – $100.00
Fin Donnelly – $100.00
Andrew Peller Limited – $250
Under $100 – $470.96

Chris Carter

I have a few donations still to come in and don’t know the total dollars, however my contributions have come from CUPE, individuals and an in-kind donation from a small business. I have not accepted a penny from any developer, in fact I have turned down donations from a developer.

Cathy Cena

As you probably know campaigns are expensive. My campaign is mostly funded by me, family and friends… over $7000. In addition I have received a total of $2500 in donations from a small business a few developers. I hope this helps.

Gerry Nuttall

Thanks for bring this important question to the candidates. I would be happy to share my financials.

My campaign is costing approximately $7000. With the exception of two close friends donating a total of $350, all of my campaign is funded through my personal savings. As important, I accept no endorsements from unions or developers.

Diana Dilworth

I have received donations as follows:

Port Moody small business owner $750
Coquitlam small business owner $200
Mill and Timber $1500

Land Owners/Developers:
Onni/RPMG Group $2000
Centro Properties $500
Polygon $500

Union Organizations:
No endorsements or funds received.

I anticipate that there may be additional funds being donated this week and I will advise if that occurs.

Robert Vagramov

So far, my campaign is funded primarily by myself, as well as support from my family and CUPE 825 (because of my firm stance against privatization of public services), with smaller contributions from the Firefighters (because I’m in support of them funding their own training), and Andrew Peller.

I’ve only accepted contributions from parties who support getting money OUT of the political system. I’d appreciate this being mentioned alongside my answer. 🙂 Thanks for the awesome meeting the other night!

Tom Bell

Receive no funds from any one.

Zoe Royer

Sorry for my delay. I’m my own financial agent and I wanted to dedicate adequate time to fulfil on the promise made by all candidates attending last week’s debate. Although unaudited, here is a list of the campaign contributions I’ve received so far:

Unions/Labour Groups (1)
(Port Moody Firefighters)
$1500 Total

Developers/Landowners (3)
(Onni, Holburn, Peller)
$2750 Total

Individuals (38)
$6595 Total

Businesses (6)
$2755 Total

To you and the Moody Centre Community Association, thank you again for all your efforts in hosting the debate last Wednesday.

Barbara Junker

Sorry I am late in sending this information I have been dealing with a personal family matter. My campaign donations have come from my employer COPE, CUPE, Port Moody Fire Fighters, individuals, United Steel Workers, and a small donation from Onni.

Bryan Hoad

My spam filter grabbed your emails – so very sorry for that. But, I retrieved this one and I will now reply to your question regarding disclosure statements – mine will be a full disclosure, here is my reply, if you could post it in it’s entirety that would be swell:

I am not financially supported by any organization, every dollar is spent out my own pocket … and unlike the others, I won’t be vague telling the MCCA the exact amounts:

$285.00 – VOTE for HOAD signage.
$35.00 – Re-enforcing poles for VOTE for HOAD signs.
$25.00 – Paper for VOTE for HOAD handouts.
$100.00 – Ink cartridges for VOTE for HOAD handouts (printed on home office machine)
$200.00 – Gas to deliver signs, attend ACM’s, functions, events, etc. to promote VOTE for HOAD campaign.

Priceless – the time and effort I have donated to give back to my community.

Please note, every purchase was bought locally.


Gaetan Royer

We are still receiving and processing donations.

Early donations recorded include:
Mr & Mrs. Pregler
0826308 BC Ltd.
Jean Donaldson
Terrence Willies
Marie Fenger
Mr. & Mrs. D. Klassen
Wesgroup Properties

We receive donations on-line. We receive donations in-person and via mail. We are happy to provide details as they become available. Small cash donations, as required by the act, will be anonymous. We have not kept track of those names. Please let us know if more details were expected.

Mike Clay

From my financial agent, we have more donations coming, this is admittedly a partial list, based on actual deposits.

Corporate donations:
RPMG Holdings
Rocky Point Joint Ventures
0238607BC Ltd.

CUPE 825

Individual donations:
Fundraiser – 150 tickets ~ $ 5000 total ticket sales ($ 30 ticket price is below threshold of individual reporting)
4 small anonymous donations

Several corporate sponsors/prize donations for fundraiser including:
Mint Hair Lounge
Peller Estates
Moosehead Beer


2011 campaign disclosure statements

Of the candidates currently running for Port Moody council, nine (9) of them also ran in 2011. Here is the link to their campaign disclosures for 2011.


Vancouver Sun BC Municipal Election Survey (of candidates)
Click on the link below and select Port Moody from the list.


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