Four amigos, maybe more?

Conflict of interest?

The tweet image below was sent to MCCA from a concerned Moody Centre resident.

It comes from a senior communications staffer at Port Moody City Hall, whose responsibilities include social media.

Is it appropriate?

Are all Port Moody communications objective and reliable? See Questionable Tweets.

Three Amigos


The Three Amigos reference appears to refer to a recent Tri-City News piece, ELECTION 2014: ‘Three Amigos’ have each others’ backs, which had the feel of an advertorial for the incumbent Tri-City mayors.

David Teixeira is Project Manager, Civic Engagement for the City of Port Moody.   He is also President of Communications Inc., a Port Coquitlam based public, media, government relations company specializing in social media campaigns.

Update: The official tweeter is no longer with the City of Port Moody.


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8 Responses to Four amigos, maybe more?

  1. Jillian Scott McIntosh says:

    Could we have clarity on this person’s job description? Argh.

  2. Mary Anne Cooper says:

    It is shocking and vulgar and for my tax money he should be fired. Worse, I am sad and disillusioned to learn it took this gang approach to elect Mike when I have been thinking he won on his own merits. It’s a far cry from statesmanship.

  3. Nancy says:

    First of all, when Mary Anne Cooper (a local treasure!) speaks, people need to listen! I am just so glad people are talking about this! I have been very disturbed by some of the inappropriate tweets & FB posts done by the official City of Port Moody account… I don’t have time to find it right now, but there was one particular comment (made by the City of Port Moody!!!) on Gaetan’s FB page during the election that was SUPER offside (inappropriate & very political)… everyone needs to look at who is running these accounts.

  4. Teri Towner says:

    It looks to me that the tweet in question was sent via his own personal Twitter account. We are all, no matter what our paid employment may be, entitled to our own personal opinion and the ability to share newspaper articles.

    • Big Rye says:

      The freedom of employees to express political opinions is not absolute. I have worked in the civil service and we were given very specific instructions on this. Briefly, any activity must not impact or give the appearance of impacting the employees ability to perform their job objectively. In the private sector, I have signed a number of employment contracts with clauses to similar effect: one must not act to harm the reputation of the employer, inside or outside of the workplace.

      It might be interesting to check how many of Teixeira’s most partisan postings are being made during working hours.

      At an absolute minimum, dude should look up “professionalism.”

  5. Big Rye says:

    At an absolute minimum, dude should look up, or be given a stern lecture on, professionalism.

  6. Alex says:

    Is this guy still working for Clay?

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