Election 2014 — results summary, and in the news

The new and returning council members are shown in earlier post “Congratulations, and thank you to all candidates” along with a link to vote tally by polling station results.

Voter turnout was 35% — up 9% from 2011 (26%).

Election 2014-mayor results graph

Incumbent mayor Mike Clay was returned to council in a competitive race with Gaetan Royer (55%, 45%), along with incumbent councillors Rick Glumac, Diana Dilworth, and Zoe Royer.

Two incumbents, councillors Rosemary Small and Gerry Nuttall, did not garner enough votes to return as councillors.

Three new councillors were elected, being Meghan Lahti, Barbara Junker, and Robert Vagramov (whose campaign theme was no ‘Metrotownification’ of Port Moody). Meghan Lahti has many years of previous council experience but did not run in 2011.

Mayor Mike Clay received the most votes for mayor except for the Moody Elementary polling station in the heart of Moody Centre (where the OCP promotes the most significant change — see OCP zoning map). The Glenayre polling station showed tight results, with just 22 votes separating Mike Clay and Gaetan Royer.

In 2011, Mayor Mike Clay topped the votes at all polling stations.

In 2014, Mayor Clay dropped from 61% of the vote in 2011 in the Glenayre catchment to less than 51% in 2014, and from 57% to less than 46% at Moody Elementary.

Voters in these 2 polling districts make up the southern one-third of Port Moody.

Mayor Clay was quoted saying, “I’m taking it as my mandate that [voters] are generally supportive of the OCP …” (Tri-City News, Port Moody council eager to get on with city business).

The Moody Centre Community Association has repeatedly asked the city for consultation on OCP plans for our neighbourhood (the epicentre of proposed zoning changes), and is still waiting.

With only two incumbents who supported the OCP returning to council, we hope Mayor Clay will re-think that statement, and proceed cautiously.

In the news

Port Moody, PoCo, Coquitlam mayors re- elected
But challenges will arise with new councillors and their agendas
Vancouver Sun, November 16, 2014

UPDATED: Clay gets second term as Port Moody mayor
Tri-Cities Now, November 15, 2014

ELECTION 2014: Port Moody council eager to get on with city business
by Sarah Payne — The Tri-City News, posted Nov 18, 2014

Voter turnout increases — especially in Port Moody
by Staff Writer — The Tri-City News, Nov 18, 2014

Moody Centre posts candidates’ election donations
by Sarah Payne — The Tri-City News, Nov 20, 2014

COLUMN: Local elections: the good, the bad and the ugly
by Dermod Travis — The Tri-City News, Nov 20, 2014

Robertson vows to increase community input in future
Sunny Dhillon, VANCOUVER — The Globe and Mail, Monday, Nov 17 2014

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1 Response to Election 2014 — results summary, and in the news

  1. Big Rye says:

    Both of the incumbents who supported the OCP and managed to survive the election (Clay and Dilworth) had their share of the total vote decreased from 2011, especially in Moody Centre and Glenayre. Hardly a ringing endorsement for the policies and (in)actions of the past 3 years.

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