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Port Moody council inaugural meeting (newly established council post election)
Tuesday, December 2, 2014, 7:00 pm

Twitter account “@PoMoOCP” has vanished.

The Tri-City News reports on OCP lawsuit
Port Moody to deal with Metro Vancouver legal action in new year
Update:  For related letters in the news — click here.

For the earlier Tri-Cities Now story and MCCA comment, see previous post Trouble in paradise.

In the most recent article, Mayor Clay says the legal challenge by Metro was expected. “We will meet their conditions. We will just file an amended one… It’s literally changing the colour on a map.”

It’s not quite as simple as changing the colour on a map.

Changing the map requires an amendment. An amendment requires certain steps be followed.

As reported on this site in July 2014 — after Metro Vancouver (GVRD) did not accept Port Moody’s draft Official Community Plan — PoMo’s council agenda for July 22, 2014 laid out the sequence of events necessary to comply with the regional district.

  • Back to Land Use Committee
  • Back to council, rescind 3rd reading, give 1st and 2nd readings to amended bylaw, refer to public hearing, referral of regional context statement to Metro (GVRD)
  • Public hearing
  • 3rd reading
  • Adoption

The question remains, why weren’t the proper steps taken to avoid premature adoption of the OCP, and subsequent litigation? Is there something regular people don’t know? Is it possible to go rogue and have no real consequences to deal with later?

This current state of affairs does not benefit anyone, especially taxpayers.

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