2015: The plan …

Official Community Plan — current status on hold.

In January 2013, MCCA hosted an OCP town hall.
MCCA town hall Jan 2013


To view the MCCA information bulletin regarding the Jan. 2013 OCP meeting, click here.
For the follow-up information bulletin from August 2013, click here.
For a non-verbatim summary of meeting comments, click here. (MCCA has a video of the meeting, but the file size is too large to upload on this site.)

Here we are almost two years later.  Some things have changed, some have not.
Most of the underlying issues remain.

Recent developments:

(1)  OCP adopted on October 14, 2014 (5:2 in favour).

(2)  legal action filed against Port Moody by Metro Vancouver (GVRD), because the OCP is not compliant with regional goals (goals Port Moody agreed to).

(3)  an election and shift on council (Nov. 15).

Where do we go from here?  Will council welcome Moody Centre residents to the discussion table, especially as the plan pertains to Moody Centre?

What’s the plan?


More from the OCP archives …

Ambitious anticipated timeline from city website, early 2013:
 2012 OCP initial timeline


Fun with Lego — June 2012 OCP design charette
To “set the stage” — 44 participants were advised that each Lego layer represented four storeys, and the challenge was to find ways to create a 300 to 400 percent population density increase in the Moody Centre area. For staff report from Oct. 2012, click here.  Staff reporting on the charette and general public feedback suggested overall public support, a conclusion that has been challenged.

Lego design

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