House value and official assessments — are they the same thing? Check out latest stats.

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BC Assessment released its latest figures on January 2, 2015 (assessments completed as of July 1, 2014; a six month lag).

Check out the latest assessed house value for you, your neighbour, or a complete stranger anywhere in the province.

Change in Assessment Roll Map
Hover over areas to see average percentage changes.
Port Moody’s average residential increase is 4.85%.

In Moody Centre, many property assessments have increased by much more (some more than triple the average increase noted above), though there is some inconsistency, even on single blocks. For example, land value on identically sized lots on the same block with the same zoning can vary by more than $50,000. Reason unknown. Certainly in Moody Centre there has been speculation based upon what the (still not) official community plan will allow. Interestingly, in the sample sold properties in Moody Centre, most have sold for less than assessed value. Are the assessments distorted by speculative activity or other reasons?

Overall, single-family detached (freehold) homes have retained or increased in value more than multi-family strata homes.

Link for simple look-up
Click on the link and type in the address. You can also view a map, neighbouring properties and sample sold properties.

Home page, BC Assessment
You can access much more information from links on this page, including how to appeal your assessment.

Is an increase in assessed value always a benefit? If you’re planning to sell or stay what are the pros and cons?

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