Sinkholes, Imperial Oil land sale, OCP, pot production, beetles

A busy week in Port Moody …

2015-01-17-boring machine-Evergreen

Biggest newsmakers this week in Port Moody: sinkholes and north shore land sale


A second sinkhole appeared on the tunnel boring construction route for the Evergreen Skytrain line.  Image above is the tunnel boring machine.

Some of the media coverage …
—The Now News, Port Moody residents pack second sinkhole meeting
—CBC News (online text, with video), Evergreen Line sinkholes: Port Moody residents demand answers
—The Province, Sinkholes along Evergreen Line route has residents concerned, prompts meeting
—News 1130, Many still feel unsafe after Evergreen Line meeting on recent sinkholes

Imperial Oil sells about 230 acres of Anmore/Port Moody land

This land has been on the market for about two years, and includes the Ioco heritage townsite, about 82 acres in Port Moody and 150 in Anmore.

2015-01-17-Imperial Oil land sale

Some of the media coverage …
—The Vancouver Sun, Metro Vancouver land package including Ioco townsite sold
—The Tri-City News, On the market for two years, Imperial Oil now posting a ‘Sold’ sign on 232 acres in Port Moody, Anmore, including Ioco
—The Now News (Business in Vancouver), Ioco Townsite sold to novice developer


Council meeting of January 13, 2015


During public input, Mayor Clay stated the (Un)official Community Plan will be up for discussion at council’s next regular meeting on January 27, 2015.

Commercial production of medical marihuana

A sizeable portion of the proposed zoning was within Moody Centre, as well as to the west (see map in earlier post below). Council voted (5:2) to prohibit the proposed land use change in Port Moody. The majority consensus was that medical marihuana production was not a good fit for Port Moody land use.

This issue was on the Land Use Committee’s Sept. 2, 2014 agenda, when more people than usual turned up for the meeting, especially unusual considering the awkward timing of right after Labour Day. Most of the people appeared to be there for either the marihuana topic, or for the proposal for 17 townhouses on three current single-family lots in Moody Centre (St. Johns St.).

A speaker at this week’s public input asked why the matter was moved forward when the minutes of the Land Use Committee had not yet been produced. Good question. If the minutes were still draft (unadopted), they should be included and identified as draft. Alternatively, the agenda item could have waited until the official minutes were ready. All relevant information should be available.

It’s not the first time this has happened. For example, the Land Use Committee minutes of April 1, 2014, when the OCP was discussed and approved, were not included in the subsequent agenda package for council when a majority (5:2) voted to pass 1st and 2nd readings of the OCP. MCCA objected at the time and suggested it was inappropriate protocol. See Not an April Fool’s joke: OCP endorsed by Land Use Committee

For local reporting this week on council’s discussions and decisions see:
—The Tri-City News, Port Moody doesn’t see the need to grow weed
—The Now News, Port Moody looks to ban commercial pot production
—The Tri-City News, Chafer beetle won’t meet death by pesticides in Port Moody
—The Now News, Port Moody to battle chafer beetle
—The Tri-City News, Port Moody has $3.6 million in facility maintenance costs to catch up on, according to report

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