Unofficial Community Plan — open letter to Port Moody council

Best wishes for 2015!

With the OCP currently in limbo, the Moody Centre Community Association is once again requesting neighbourhood consultation for Moody Centre so the plan can truly reflect resident input.

Council has agreed to consult with Coronation Park residents prior to any significant zoning changes.

Council has been consulting with Ioco residents on the monster home issue (also an issue in Moody Centre, and elsewhere).

Moody Centre is the area most impacted by the unofficial community plan, yet there has been no official consultation with our neighbourhood association.

MCCA has heard from many residents who do not feel they’ve been heard in the process, but rather feel the plan for Moody Centre has been shaped mostly by non-residents. They feel stakeholder balance has been missing. (We know residents in other neighbourhoods have similar concerns.)

This process has created a great deal of angst and uncertainty.

Much of the feedback MCCA has received can be found on our online site, and we encourage you to review it.

MCCA hosted its own OCP town hall in January 2013, and at the time we believed the city would follow-up with a specific neighbourhood consultation — but that never happened.

MCCA also prepared information bulletins and a questionnaire for residents. The information bulletins were provided to council at the time, but some new councillors may not have seen them.

Please have a look at a recent post which includes links to the information bulletins.

2015: The plan …

We look forward to any comments and questions you may have, and especially hope to be involved in shaping plans for Moody Centre.

Hazel Mason, President
Moody Centre Community Association (MCCA)

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