Unofficial Community Plan — proposed fix not good enough

The Unofficial Community Plan is before council at its meeting this Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015 (after a public hearing at 7:00 pm on marihuana zoning; see more below).

OCP land use_April 2014 version


Metro Vancouver (GVRD) filed a legal challenge against Port Moody and the plan must be fixed.

The city’s recommended fix is to change the land descriptions of two parcels of land (Andres and Mill and Timber/Flavelle) in order to comply with the regional district.

The fix will require a new public hearing — as we’ve reported before. When previous council “adopted” the controversial plan one month before the municipal election, they knew a lawsuit was likely.

We believe (and residents have told us) the plan needs much more fixing, and more neighbourhood consultation is necessary.

If passed with just the two changes, Moody Centre still faces skytowers, more pollution, more road congestion, environment/hazard concerns, and less parkland per person, to name just a few issues. Issues that also affect the city as a whole.

The recent purchase of 232 acres of north shore land by the Brilliant Circle Group (BCG) further complicates the Unofficial Community Plan. While it’s early days, the purchase most certainly means development proposals with population growth.

We’ve been told the plan is a long-term vision.

The plan is flawed.  It requires a fix.  Let’s get a good fix now.


Tuesday’s agenda includes quite a few items, and the full agenda can be accessed from clicking this link.

Public hearing — marihuana zoning
The public hearing on marihuana zoning is about banning medical marihuana production on agricultural lands on the north shore. Since council passed a resolution at its last meeting to bring forward a zoning text amendment “to prohibit commercial medical marihuana production and testing in Port Moody” it’s not clear why this public hearing is necessary.

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