Port Moody lawsuit and invalid OCP

Port Moody lawsuit and invalid Official Community Plan

The OCP is one of the items to be discussed at Tuesday’s council meeting, Feb. 10, 2015.   Full agenda here.

From the agenda, Summary of Changes

Summary of Changes-OCP-agenda 2015-02-10


The agenda states:

“Failure to address Metro Vancouver’s outstanding concerns prior to the March 31st deadline may result in further legal action by Metro Vancouver with associated legal cost implications for the City.” [The lawsuit was avoidable; it was an outcome former council risked when the majority voted to pass what is now an invalid OCP.]

It goes on to recommend 1st and 2nd readings of “amendments” to correct the problems.

“Metro Vancouver staff have outlined the outstanding inconsistencies between the City’s RCS and the RGS. The primary points of conflict and concern are the inconsistencies between the land use designations for the Andres Wines site and the Mill and Timber site in the City’s new OCP and the Industrial designations for these sites in the RGS. Metro Vancouver staff have also requested that employment projections within the RCS be revisited. In addition to these items, there are a number of other minor mapping inconsistencies that are more housekeeping in nature.”

The scope of changes outlined in the agenda, including maps, designations, and text, appears to be much more than minor amendments.

Further, different maps with different titles confuse the reader; for example, parkland in one map is General Urban in another map.

MCCA suggested another option; namely to rescind the invalid OCP, fix the problems, and then re-submit the plan for adoption. See post OCP (Unofficial Community Plan) — To quash a lawsuit.

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1 Response to Port Moody lawsuit and invalid OCP

  1. Big Rye says:

    That is by far an incomplete list of contradictions and inconsistencies in the OCP. Most of the plan reads like a long-winded rough draft.

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