Vancouver lawsuit — in the news, community planning

Vancouver lawsuit — in the news, community planning

City of Vancouver halts 15 downtown developments
‘Brenhill decision’ puts a chill on other proposals, planning director says
By Jeff Lee, Vancouver Sun, February 5, 2015

The recent B.C. Supreme Court decision throwing out a controversial set of Yaletown developments has forced Vancouver to halt negotiations on as many as 15 similar proposals in the Downtown Eastside and West End involving social housing, Brian Jackson, the city’s planning director, said Wednesday.
City manager Penny Ballem said the city hasn’t decided whether it will launch an appeal of the decision. But getting the first problem solved — the language in the Downtown Official Development Plan — is holding similar developments at bay.

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City works to restart stalled Yaletown towers with new public hearings
VANCOUVER — Special to The Globe and Mail
Published Monday, Feb. 02 2015, 9:16 PM EST

City planners are scrambling to get two controversial Yaletown towers back on the agenda, after a B.C. Supreme Court judge’s ruling effectively halted construction on the first of them last week.
But the group that sued the city and got approvals for the two towers overturned is saying this new process is just as bad, with just as much confusing information for the public to digest too fast.

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