Update — Campaign spending, totals, breakdowns

Update — Campaign spending, totals, breakdowns




See earlier post below for  mayor candidates breakdowns.


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Of 16 candidates, two for mayor, 14 for council, below are some breakdowns and totals (rounded).

Reporting from individuals was inconsistent, so the numbers are somewhat problematic. For example, some candidates counted their personal contributions in the individual category, some did not; some candidates reported a few people connected to property or companies in the individual category whereas others put the same people/companies into the corporations/businesses category.

Some numbers …

$250, 206 — total expenditures reported for all candidates

$116,736 — contributions from individuals (see comment above)

$61,346 — contributions from unions

$49,148 — contributions from corporations/businesses

Contributions from some locally known businesses:

Onni/RPMG Holdings (biggest spender)
$5,000 each to Mike Clay and Gaetan Royer
$2,000 to Diana Dilworth
$1,500 to Zoe Royer
$1,000 each to Cathy Cena, Rick Glumac, Barbara Junker, Megan Lahti

Wesgroup Properties
$5,500 (Clay, G Royer, Dilworth)

Mill and Timber (Flavelle)
$4,750 (Clay, Cena, Dilworth, Glumac, Lahti, Z Royer)
$4,000 of total went to Clay and Dilworth

0828607 BC Ltd. (2414 St Johns)
$3,750 (Clay, Dilworth, Glumac, Lahti, Z Royer)

Andres/Peller Estates
$3,114 (Clay, G Royer, Cena, Glumac, Ladouceur, Z Royer, Vagramov)
$1,364 of total (about 44%) to Clay

TL Housing Solutions
$2,000 (Clay, G Royer, Dilworth)

$1,550 (Clay, G Royer, Cena, Dilworth)


Councillor summaries

2014 election-councillor breakdown1

2014 election-councillor breakdown2
2014 election-councillor breakdown3

2014 election-councillor breakdown4

2014 election-councillor breakdown5

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