Moody Centre tops the list in MoneySense’s neighbourhood rankings

Moody Centre tops the list in MoneySense’s neighbourhood rankings

IMG_1416-Clarke St

Clarke Street photo

MoneySense:  Vancouver’s top neighbourhoods
You can afford to live in Vancouver and still have a backyard [click title for full article]

Note the “still have a backyard” — a desirable attribute!

About one year ago, we reported on MoneySense’s article:
Canada’s Best Places to Live 2014: Time to think small

Is there a theme emerging for Port Moody?

Moody Centre is Port Moody’s original town centre.

Port Moody as a whole has many unique and desirable neighbourhoods, and residents value the small-town character, beautiful geographic setting, sense of community, and much more. And we are still a relatively small city.

The April 2015 issue of MoneySense puts Moody Centre at #1 out of 118 greater Vancouver neighbourhoods.


Grading components: Price, value, momentum, realtor grade.
The sources for the article are related to the real estate industry.

“This tree-lined neighbourhood of single-family homes near Simon Fraser University certainly seems to offer value: Last year approximately 30 properties sold in this area at a benchmark price of just over $700,000—almost $50,000 less than the benchmark price for the Greater Vancouver Area. “Fact is, you get a lot more for your money in this community,” explains Rhonda Davis, a realtor with RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside. Plus there’s a mix of housing types: from newer townhomes, to older bungalows to side- and back-splits.”

The article mentions [relatively] affordable homes, sense of community, and [head scratching here] “local residents can visit their community meat shop, bakery, or fruit stand, or they can hop in a car and drive 10 minutes to the IGA.”

For the full article, and table with rankings, click on the link (article title) above.

Although we are still a relatively small city of less than 40,000 people, we’ve been growing at a rate far exceeding the greater Vancouver area, and in fact most municipalities in Canada.

PM and Metro growth rates-bar chart

The almost Official Community Plan projects growth for Moody Centre at 300-400 percent, or about 15,000 additional residents, or possibly more, according to a footnote in the draft Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

Parks and Recreation Master Plan footnote: “While the City anticipates a city-wide population increase of 15,500 over the next 20 to 30 years, this core area alone could potentially accommodate a much greater number of new residents. Based on proposed changes in the OCP, the City anticipates that at full build-out this area could accommodate up to an additional 24,500 residents.”

Will we still have the same desirable attributes? Will we have green space and backyards? Will we have the same sense of community?

What list will we be on?


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