OCP adoption, and other items on upcoming council agenda

OCP Map 11_Feb 10 2015 (amended)The next Port Moody Council meeting is on May 26, 2015.

The agenda can be accessed from this link. For anyone interested in watching this meeting live, without attending in person, you can access the live webstream from the same link. (Past meetings can be viewed from video archives from this link.)

Official Community Plan (OCP)
At the last council meeting, MCCA president Hazel Mason thanked council for identifying in the new strategic plan the importance of developing a comprehensive and sustainable neighbourhood plan for Moody Centre, including potential amendments to the Official Community Plan (OCP), something MCCA has been requesting for more than two years.

The OCP is on the May 26th agenda for 4th reading and adoption, and is essentially a formality to make it official. After public hearing (March 24), the revised plan went back to the Metro Vancouver/GVRD board on May 15, and must have been approved in order for 4th reading to occur. (The meeting went “in-camera” and no minutes are available at this time. See Metro Vancouver to consider Port Moody’s OCP amendments.)

However, as highlighted above, the city (council) has acknowledged the need to have further discussion on Moody Centre and how it evolves.

Master Transportation Plan
Excerpted from the council agenda:
“Direction for a new Master Transportation Plan was initiated at the September 3, 2013 Committee of the Whole Meeting when a report from Engineering and Parks Services titled St Johns Efficiency Improvement Options was discussed. At this meeting, Council supported the notion of updating the 2005 Port Moody Master Transportation Plan to help address concerns with congestion challenges in the Moody Centre area and promote improved transportation options for cycling, transit, and walking.

THAT staff proceed with the Public Engagement Plan for the Master Transportation Plan as recommended in the report dated May 14, 2015 from Engineering and Parks Services regarding Master Transportation Plan Update 1.”

The Public Engagement Plan calls for broad community consultation, including community associations. MCCA is one of the groups identified.

Ioco Townsite Heritage Conservation Area — Inspection Order
Though designated a heritage conservation area in 2002, many heritage advocates have expressed concern that the buildings are in serious danger of destruction through neglect or other reasons. The property is owned by both Imperial Oil and the Brilliant Circle Group (who recently purchased 230 acres of Anmore/Port Moody land).

If council passes the inspection order, it will allow city staff and representatives to assess the condition of the buildings, and determine further action that may be necessary.

The above items are just a few on the upcoming agenda; details and other items can be reviewed by clicking on the provided above.

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