Flavelle/Mill and Timber development plans — update June 29, 2015

Flavelle/Mill and Timber development plans — update June 29, 2015
2015-06-29-Flavelle site-aerial view

Aerial view, site as shown on Flavelle Oceanfront materials, June 2015

The Flavelle open house was held on June 23, 2015 to “share information about the visioning process, to identify some of the big ideas and opportunities for the site, and to hear from the residents of Port Moody about their ideas and feedback about what they envision for this site.”

The poster boards from the open house can be viewed on the Flavelle Oceanfront website here: http://www.flavelleoceanfront.ca/the-process/. The time-frame indicated for comment on the open house is small: “Feedback will be received until June 30th, 2015 relating to Open House #1.” Presumably, however, ongoing feedback will be accepted as this process carries on.

Comment form provided at open house:
2015-06-23-Flavelle open house feedback

The open house was very well attended, so interest is obviously high. It’s not clear what Flavelle currently has in mind, at least not from the open house materials. However, it’s likely high density residential is envisioned as part of the plan, as this area has been a big part of the recent OCP process and discussions, despite its current status as industrial land.

In November 2013, the City of Port Moody released population growth estimates for the sub-areas in the Official Community Plan. The estimate at that time for “Oceanfront District” was 3,910 people.

The city population estimates from November 2013 can be viewed at the link below.
Proposed population increases — November 5, 2013.

Also available on this site are various maps showing OCP areas (different according to date), as well as some overall maps. They are available from the “Maps” drop-down tab.

We encourage you to provide feedback to the proponents, the city, and to MCCA.

Flavelle contact: Blaire Chisholm, Brook Pooni Associations – bchisholm@brookpooni.com
City council: council@portmoody.ca
City planning: planning@portmoody.ca
Moody Centre Community Association: mcca.pm@gmail.com

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