2015-09-06: Wake-up call — emergency preparedness

2015-09-06: Wake-up call — emergency preparedness

The powerful windstorm on August 29, 2015 knocked out power to more than 700,000 customers in BC, and hit the Lower Mainland particularly hard. It’s yet another wake-up call to be prepared for emergency situations.

The storm received national media coverage and both local community papers carried editorials on the subject of emergency preparedness.

Some of last week’s media coverage …

EDITORIAL: Windstorm a wake-up call
Tri-Cities Now – September 3, 2015

7.3 magnitude quake could kill 10,000 people in Vancouver: report
CTV Vancouver featured a clip on emergency preparedness, with a focus on earthquakes (September 2, 2015)
2015-09-02-CTV earthquake-emergency prep
Port Moody has areas at high risk in the event of a moderate to serious earthquake; in particular soil liquefaction. There are other risks as well, including unstable slopes.

Port Moody’s Hazardous Lands map shows areas identified as at risk.

Whether it’s wind, rain, or worse, having an emergency plan is important. There are numerous resources available to help with planning. Port Moody is participating in the “Great BC Shakeout” on October 15, 2015, and a link to the city’s Emergency Preparedness webpage is here.

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