2015-09-19: Affordable housing, forms and choices

2015-09-19: Affordable housing, forms and choices

Conversion from rental to strata — Shoreline Circle, Port Moody

At its meeting on September 8, 2015, Port Moody council agreed to permit conversion of 42 rental units to strata at 160 Shoreline Circle. Current renters will be given a chance to purchase. Proposed prices range from $345,900 to $479,900.

Port Moody policy is to encourage a range of housing types to suit different needs. Some current renters may see this as an opportunity to purchase; others may be displaced.

City Policy
“To promote and maintain a wide range of housing forms and tenures to meet the changing needs of a diverse population of varying ages, income levels, family types, accessibility and lifestyles.” (Source: Official Community Plan)

“Transit led displacement”
Burnaby residents protesting destruction of affordable rental housing
Global News Vancouver, Sept. 19, 2015

A number of residents facing eviction in one Burnaby neighbourhood took to the streets today, protesting the demolition of low-rise buildings they say are being replaced with new condo towers.

Kaye Bedford learned a few months ago that her building was slated for demolition. She’s now looking for a new home.

“It’s not good to have that feeling that you’re being tossed out just because you can’t afford to rent apartments around here,” said Bedford, adding that the unexpected evictions of her and her neighbours is what prompted her to join the rally.
“There’s this idea of transit led development here in Vancouver which is very popular, but really what it should be called is transit led displacement because that’s what’s happening,” said Wallstam.

Metro Vancouver detached home prices rise as proportion diminishes
Efforts to keep housing affordable lead to more multi-family units, fewer single-family homes
By Kelly Sinoski, Vancouver Sun, September 2, 2015

The benchmark price of a single family detached home in Greater Vancouver jumped 17.5 per cent over the past year, partly because the supply has failed to keep pace with a growing population.

The City of Vancouver says the number of detached homes has remained stable at about 75,000 lots over the past two decades, yet the proportion has dropped in comparison to the rising growth in townhouses and condominiums.

Metro Vancouver families trapped in starter homes
High prices for detached houses, lack of family-sized condos blamed
By Kim Pemberton, Vancouver Sun September 17, 2015

While apartments are the most affordable, the report notes they are not suitable for families.

“We wanted to point out there’s a real lack of units that are appropriate for families,” said Andy Broderick, Vancity CEO of impact marketing development. “The efficiency units that a $65,000 dual income family can really afford is probably around $400,000, but these are typically 400 square feet — not ideal for families.”

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