2015-10-24 — City facilities repairs (four projects) — $10.5M debt financing

2015-10-24 — City facilities repairs (four projects) — $10.5M debt financing

On Tues., October 27, 2015, council will be reviewing and voting to approve borrowing $10.5 million to fund repairs to four city facilities. Bylaw 3018 first came to council on Sept. 8th and passed 1st, 2nd and 3rd readings, and is now up for 4th and final reading. Link to council agendas here.

Two years ago, on October 15, 2013, a report on city facilities and estimated costs was presented to council. Link to 2013 council agenda here.

The following table shows both the 2013 and 2015 estimates for three of the four projects (excluding Heritage Mountain bridge repair costs of $500,000):




Civic Centre: Since the 2013 report, we’ve learned the Civic Centre problems are much worse than expected, and in an April 10, 2015 report to council, repair costs were estimated at $3,558,100 (plus or minus 30% contingency). New costs reflect an additional $1.4 million since spring 2015.

Rec Centre: “Most of the current issues are associated with the most recent building addition done in 2006,” a project that has cost more than $20 million.

Arts Centre: Since 2012, just over $1.1 million has gone into Arts Centre upgrades, which included the addition of the heritage Appleyard House. The federal government provided a grant of $480, 785, and the City of Port Moody contributed $650,000. A Tri-City News article can be found here.

From the October 15, 2013 report on city facilities (see link above):
2015-10-24-3 facility projects

The Civic Centre was reported to be in relatively good condition with some issues requiring attention. Original estimate for catch-up, keep-up, and get-ahead costs was about $720,000.

“Recreation Complex: This is the largest building and it was built over three distinct phases. With the exception of the environmental control in the curling space (second addition) and the need to replace the wood siding at the exterior walls, most of the current issues are associated with the most recent building addition done in 2006.”

Estimated costs (repairs/investment): $2,996,600 (catch-up $838.7K; keep-up $2,094,400; get-ahead $63.5K).

“Arts Centre: This building has a heritage status designation and is therefore a very important structure to preserve and maintain. The building is generally in good condition. Issues that need to be addressed include repair and repainting of wood window frames (single glazed), exterior exit stairs and localised areas of wood siding and trims. In a not too distant future, renewal of roof assemblies as well as interior floor finishes will be required. It was reported that air balancing and heating on the second floor has been problematic and needs to be further reviewed. Also reported were concerns with the electrical services especially as it relates to the kiln.”

Estimated costs (repairs/investment): $173,100 (catch-up $66.2K; keep-up $101.9K; get-ahead $5K).

For more information, see earlier post:
2015-09-08 — $10.5 million debt to repair city assets

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