Civic facility repairs — What about Kyle Centre ?

Civic facility repairs — What about Kyle Centre ?

Kyle Centre is not included in the current $10.5 million debt/borrowing estimate for urgent repairs (see post below). Why not?

2015-10-24-KyleCentre appraisal


Image from report to council, Oct. 15, 2013

In 2013, Kyle Centre was considered in more urgent need of repairs than most other city facilities.

2013 Estimated costs (repairs/investment): $420,404 (catch-up $207.9K; keep-up $212.5K; get-ahead $0).

From the October 15, 2013 report to council on city facilities …

“Kyle Centre: This facility is now over 35 years old. The roof assemblies have reached the end of their service life and require renewal. It is recommend that walls located above the roof plane be done at same time as the roofs to reduce the risk of water damage to the main wood structure and interior finishes. Skylights which are part of the roof assemblies and which use old technology should also be replaced. There are reported carpenter ants problems within the facility. As part of the required renewal of exterior wall assemblies and to reduce the risk of further carpenter ant problem, it is recommended to cutback/clear the landscaping around the building. It was reported that the Kyle Centre may suffer from functional obsolescence. For instance the office space does not function well and the dance room floor limits the type of activities that can take place within that room.”

Does the omission of Kyle Centre in the current borrowing plan have anything to do with this?

2015-10-24-Kyle mapsDuring the OCP consultation process when numerous concerns were raised, the public was told repeatedly there would be many future opportunities to comment on proposed changes, because the OCP was “a vision” — not a development document.

So let’s get the conversation started!

Future of the Kyle Centre

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