Aragon development — Land Use Committee (LUC) — Nov. 3, 2015

Aragon development — Land Use Committee (LUC) — Nov. 3, 2015

2015-10-31-Aragon site location map

The developer is seeking approval for some significant changes from what is currently approved in both the city zoning bylaw and the recently adopted (controversial) Official Community Plan (OCP). The zoning bylaw and the OCP are not consistent, with the OCP “vision” allowing for increased density (among other things).

The changes requiring approval include increased height/storeys, increased floor area ratio (FAR, sometimes referred to as FSR or floor space ratio), and decreased parking.

City planning recommendation
“THAT the applications for Rezoning and Official Community Plan amendment as recommended in the report dated October 7, 2015 from Development Services – Planning Division regarding a mixed use development located at 2713-2725 Clarke Street/87 Moody Street, be supported as presented.”

Additional information
Full LUC agenda available here.

“… this application proposes to rezone the subject property from Comprehensive Development Zone 39 (CD39) to Comprehensive Development Zone 64 (CD64), and to amend the OCP to allow for an increase in height from six storeys to seven storeys. If approved, this application would allow for a seven and four storey compartment style, mixed use development with nine ground level commercial units and 106 dwellings provided in a variety of forms.”

The Official Community Plan (OCP) passed by council in spring of 2015 (after a lawsuit launched by Metro Vancouver/GVRD was resolved), contains wording and designations not yet included in the zoning bylaw, now in the process of updates to be presented to the public for approval. (Zoning Bylaw 1890; exact timing of consultation is unknown.)

“The Official Community Plan (OCP) designation for the subject property is Mixed Use — Moody Centre, allowing for medium density mixed use development up to six storeys.”

The zoning bylaw allows for four to five storeys on the subject property, as shown below.

From Zoning Bylaw 1890

2015-10-24-Aragon-Zoning bylaw CD 39

As seen above, maximum height is 60 feet (18.3m).
The new application seeks a height of 82 feet (25m).
The difference is 22 feet (6.7m), representing an increase of about one-third over current zoning.

The current application is also asking for an increase in floor area ratio (FAR).
Current FAR is 2.6
Requested FAR is 3.25.
The requested increase of .65 represents a 25% increase in FAR.

Outdoor space
“Common outdoor amenity area for residents with a variety of seating, a BBQ, and a fire pit, at 140 m2 (1,512 sq. ft.) in size” (the size of one unit, more or less).

Unit size ranges from 354 sq. ft. to 1,909 sq. ft.

The residential floor space is almost 100,000 sq. ft. (actual — 97,818), representing 106 units.

Is outdoor area of about one residential unit adequate for 106 total units? (It’s less than one-fifth the land area of a typical single-family lot in Moody Centre of just under 9,000 square ft.)

The site area size is 34,834 sq. ft.

On-site parking
The proposed development includes a request to vary the required number of residential parking stalls by 14%, a reduction from 218 stalls to 189 stalls, at a ratio of 1.23 stalls per dwelling unit in place of the 1.5 stalls per dwelling unit required in the Zoning Bylaw. That’s a reduction of 29 parking spots.

Of the 18 responses to the developer — from the open house held Oct. 6, 2015 — 16 voiced concerns. They can be viewed in full on the agenda material (link above).

Additional feedback
You can attend the land use meeting in person to provide feedback — Nov. 3, 2015, 7:00 pm, City Hall.

You can send written feedback ahead of time to, by noon on Nov. 3rd.

The Moody Centre Community Association (MCCA) has heard directly from several residents. Concerns cited in the Aragon feedback and to MCCA include changes to current zoning, height, views, density, parking, traffic.

We encourage additional feedback. If you comment directly to the committee (, we suggest you copy to MCCA ( You can also post comments online on this site.

Aragon Information Meeting for OCP Amendment and Rezoning Application
Advisory Design Panel Meeting — Sept. 17, 2015


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