Moody Centre land use policy review — council agenda item, Nov. 17, 2015

Moody Centre land use policy review — council agenda item, Nov. 17, 2015

City Review of Land Use Policies in Moody Centre — on council agenda for Nov. 17, 2015 for approval of terms of reference and estimated budget of $30,000.

The Moody Centre Community Association (MCCA) is pleased to see this initiative moving ahead.

This week’s council committee of the whole (COTW) meeting is scheduled for the small Brovold room where meetings are not video-recorded, and space is limited.

We hope it’s possible to change the meeting venue to its usual spot in council chambers, and live web-stream and video-record the meeting as usual.

In its Strategic Plan presented on May 12, 2015, council identified a neighbourhood plan for Moody Centre as a key priority. See Attention — Neighbourhood plan for Moody Centre; and Community update — May 17, 2015 — neighbourhoods, pay parking, more.

Since Moody Centre is a bulls-eye for growth and change in the recently adopted Official Community Plan (OCP), and since MCCA has requested a neighbourhood consultation for about three years now, we were very pleased to see this Strategic Plan priority set by council.

We’ve been waiting to hear when the neighbourhood plan consultation would get started, and are hoping for meaningful consultation.

Excerpts below are from Port Moody council’s COTW agenda for Tuesday, November 17, 2015.  MCCA recommends readers review the full seven pages — Item 4.6:  2015-11-17-Review of Land Use Policies in Moody Centre-Terms of Reference (pdf).

The complete agenda is a large file just shy of 600 pages. Full agenda here.

  1. Context

The City’s latest Official Community Plan (OCP) was adopted by Council in October 2014. The OCP took into consideration how the Evergreen Line, which will open in late 2016, might influence land use around the two stations in Port Moody and along the corridor. Particular attention was paid to Moody Centre, where much of the City’s development and growth is expected to occur in the coming decades. Since then, a number of planning issues have been identified for the Moody Centre Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Area which suggest that certain OCP land use policies should be revisited.

  1. Proposed Scope of Work

The proposed scope of work is consistent with Council’s 2015-2018 Strategic Plan goals and outcomes:

  1. Implement TOD principles by exploring appropriate density and land use changes that support the Evergreen Line while being sensitive to neighbourhood context.
  2. Analyze land use and policy, with a primary focus on the Station Area core and transition areas.
  3. Analyze land uses along plan boundaries to ensure a coordinated and sensitive transition of land uses, density, and built form to adjacent neighbourhood areas.
  4. Coordinate the provision of amenities, utilities, and improved transportation connections.
  5. Review and develop parking standards.


  1. Issues and Options

Key tasks in Phase 1 will include:

— review existing land uses and current OCP policies in the study area;

— examine how TOD principles can be applied, including how other municipalities have applied them;

— examine how density bonus and CAC programs can be applied, including how other municipalities have applied them;

— initiate additional analysis (e.g., market analysis, parking standards analysis, servicing considerations, growth projections, amenity needs, open space, and view corridors);

— identify all pertinent planning issues arising from the above tasks;

— develop options, including the pros and cons, for how each issue might be addressed by the City from a land use policy perspective;

— consult with Council, Advisory Committees, and other stakeholders (e.g., property owners, Metro Vancouver, TransLink) and hold public open house to present options and gain input; and,

— present outcomes to Council prior to undertaking Phase 2, including staff recommendations on preferred options and rationales.

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