Tree planting along Clarke Street — alongside Evergreen Skytrain route

2015-11-15-treesTree planting along Clarke Street — alongside Evergreen Skytrain route

The letter below was provided to the Moody Centre Community Association (MCCA) for information, with permission received to post online.

A number of trees along Clarke Street were removed in the spring of 2013 to facilitate Evergreen Line construction, and 2+ years later the community is anxiously awaiting remediation.

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Clarke Street tree planting along Evergreen route

Hello [EGRT],

This is further to the telephone conversation we had around or about October 20th.

I’ve considered your comments regarding the tree contractor wanting to do all the planting along the Evergreen Line greenways at one time. It seems to me, it should not be a hardship for the contractor to plant 107 trees along Clarke Street. I cannot understand the contractor’s reason for delay.

The purpose of the trees is not decorative. Delaying the planting, delays the trees maturing, further delaying the protection for residents of The Lighthouse from the diesel fume emissions of the CP Cascade at the Clarke and Grant Streets junction as well as the increased train traffic with the expanded PCT.

Clarke Street is also congested with automobile traffic. Residents have been without mature trees working to improve the air quality for residents in this area of Moody Centre, since the EGRT razed the small urban forest along the north side of Clarke Street.

The continued delays in completing the remedial work along Clarke Street indicate a complete disregard for the residents of The Lighthouse.

The Spring of 2015 has long past.

September passed and then the end of October 2015 passed.

We are about to enter the winter season. The trees are not planted nor does it appear they will be planted this year.

If you have nothing new to tell me, I don’t know what a meeting would accomplish.

I have copied the City of Port Moody Council as well as Port Moody’s Manager of Engineering, James Chandler. I understand Mr. Chandler is the City’s Project Manager for EGRT.

It is my hope the City will take up the remediation of Clarke Street with the EGRT folks.

Frankly, I’m weary of all the excuses EGRT has given for delaying the remedial work along Clarke Street.

Diane Jolly

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