OCP and zoning amendments: 17 townhouses, 2300 block St. Johns Street

OCP and zoning amendments: 17 townhouses, 2300 block St. Johns Street

On council agenda for 1st and 2nd readings, Nov. 24, 2015

2015-11-21-2300 block St Johns-17 townhouses-placement

Image below:  rear building (left) adjacent to St. Andrews Street. St. Johns Street is to the right.

2015-11-21-2300 block St Johns-17 townhouses

The applicant proposes to contribute $8,000 for public art, and $17,000 for the city’s affordable housing reserve fund.

To present for consideration an Official Community Plan (OCP) Amendment and Rezoning application for a proposed 17 unit townhouse development at 2313-2315 St. Johns Street.

Recommendation from Port Moody city planning
THAT Bylaw 2983 be now read a first and second time as recommended in the report dated November 16, 2015 from Development Services Department — Planning Division regarding Official Community Plan Amendment and Rezoning — 2313-2315 St. Johns Street;

AND THAT Bylaw No. 2983 be referred to a Public Hearing on Tuesday, December 8, 2015 at City Hall, 100 Newport Drive, Port Moody.

Executive Summary
In order to allow for a 17 unit townhouse development at 2313-2315 St. Johns Street, Integra Architecture Inc. has submitted an OCP amendment application and Rezoning application. The 2,428.64 square metre (26,141.7 sq. ft.) site is located on the south side of St. Johns Street on the toe of a slope, which results in the site dropping off to the north, east, and west property lines. Key aspects of the development proposal include:

  • An Official Community Plan amendment to allow for an additional (fourth) storey on the downslope side on the St. Johns frontage, caused by the topography of the site;
  • A built form that reduces its massing away from the property lines to the east and west in order to minimize the visual impact of the development on neighbouring properties;
  • Rooftop decks for units, including a rooftop deck access feature;
  • A public footpath running down the western property line for which a statutory right-of-way will be registered on title; and
  • A proposed floor area ratio of 0.85, a lot coverage of 43%, setbacks of at least 4 metres (13.1 ft.) from all property lines with the exception of the St. Andrews frontage, which is proposed to have a 3.05 metre (10 ft.) setback, and a maximum building height of 13.5 metres (44.3 ft.).

The application, if approved, would “amend the OCP for the subject property to increase the number of storeys permitted from three storeys to four storeys.

It is also proposed to rezone the subject property from One-Family Residential (RS1) to Comprehensive Development Zone 61 (CD61). If approved, this application would allow for a 17-unit townhouse development, within 3 buildings, with access from St. Andrews Street.”

“Site & Conditions
The property at 2313-2315 St. Johns Street, which is designated Multi-Family Residential in the OCP, consists of three one-family residential (RS1) zoned lots that previously had two single detached dwellings on them. The site has a total lot area of 2,428.64 square metres (26,141.7 sq. ft.), is located on the toe of a slope, and sits significantly above St. Johns Street. The site is also higher than the neighbouring lots to the east and west. The maximum grade change from St. Andrews Street to the sidewalk on St. Johns Street is 12.5 metres (41 ft.). The majority of this grade change, to a maximum of 8 metres (26.2 ft.), happens from the top of the bank on the private property along the St. Johns frontage to the sidewalk on St. Johns Street. There is a retaining wall located on City property, immediately adjacent to the sidewalk on the St. Johns Street frontage, which has a maximum height of approximately 2.1 metres (7 ft.).”

This application came before the Land Use Committee (LUC) on Sept. 2, 2014, and was approved “in principle, and that, prior to the proposal going before council for consideration, a traffic impact study and view impact study be completed.” Minutes from Sept. 2, 2014 LUC meeting here.

Much more information on this application is available on the council agenda for Nov. 24, 2015. All council agendas can be accessed from this link.

MCCA welcomes your comments.

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