Gatensbury Road safety concerns

Gatensbury Road safety concerns

The Tri-City News reported on the recent problems of NO mail delivery to residents on Gatensbury Street. Canada Post deemed the street unsafe. Residents must now pick up mail in Port Coquitlam. (Our local Canada Post station is in the process of closing down.)

The Tri-City News article can be accessed from the link below.
Gatensbury residents without mail after Canada Post deems the route ‘too dangerous’

Residents have voiced safety concerns for years. The street is narrow and steep, and the volume of traffic has increased very significantly over the years, and is likely to get worse as Port Moody (and surrounding areas) grow. Most of the street is without sidewalks. While some recent traffic calming measures have been undertaken by the city such as centreline delineators and signage improvements, safety concerns continue.

The Moody Centre Community Association is represented on the Public Advisory Committee for TransPort Moody — a process now underway to update the master transportation plan. The Gatensbury safety problem was brought up again, and we hope improvements will be made as soon as possible.

More safety moves for Port Moody’s Gatensbury Rd.
Tri-City News, December 22, 2011

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