Zoning bylaw update — Blueprint — and déjà vu

Zoning bylaw update — Blueprint — and déjà vu

2015-11-28-zoning bylaw update-2011-funny

2015-11-28-zoning bylaw update-April 1 2011Draft update, March 30, 2011 here.

But … not so fast!

A municipal election took place later in 2011, and council proceeded to “re-open” the OCP, about one year after the 2011 OCP was finalized. Sigh.

And here we are now.

On Nov. 26, 2015, the city hosted an open house to update the zoning bylaw. The project is called Blueprint. The open house presentation boards and a feedback form are available here. There will be further input opportunities in the next few months as the process moves forward.

The zoning bylaw has enormous impact on the growth and development of Port Moody — and it affects everyone.

It’s not easy to keep up … but we recommend you try as best you can!

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