Peller-Andres Wines Property — Open House draft concepts

Peller-Andres Wines Property — Open House draft concepts

From December 7, 2015 Open House #2

The following are snapshots, and do not show every image or all text provided at the open house. Attendees were asked to provide comments within two weeks, by December 21, 2015. (In the busy days leading to Christmas, this date went unnoticed by MCCA.)  The applicant advises that the feedback received will be used to develop a single site plan which will be subject to further consultation.

Contact information is: Virginia Bird,

The open house invitation is at post below:
Andres Wine: Public Open House # 2, December 7, 2015

General images were displayed, along with draft concepts for:

Concept A — Creekside
Concept B — Terraced Gardens
Concept C — Clarke Peaks (North Peaks)


Three draft concepts
1-2-three ideas-concept models

Concept A — Creekside

Concept A — potential uses
2-2-ConceptA-Creekside-Potential Use

Concept A — green infrastructure

Concept A — partial text
2-4-ConceptA-Creekside text

Concept B — Terraced Gardens

Concept B — potential uses
3-2-ConceptB-Potential Use

Concept B — green infrastructure

Concept B — partial text

Concept C — Clarke Parks (North Peaks)

Concept C — potential uses
4-2-ConceptC-Potential Use

Concept C — green infrastructure

Concept C — partial text

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