Flavelle Land Use Diagram

Flavelle Land Use Diagram

From January 7, 2016 open house. The city terms it “Applicant’s Preliminary Land Use Concept Plan.”

2016-01-07-Flavelle land use diagram-open house

2013 artist’s rendering (“premature”; see Flavelle post just below)2013-sawmill-site-artists-rendering

2016-01-07-Flavelle open house feedback handout

The City of Port Moody has now posted presentation boards from the open house, as well as an online feedback form. They are available in the Planning/Land Development area of the city website at this link.

Update:  Background information on concepts/renderings: 
Council agenda — March 12, 2013
Mill and Timber presented an 8-page summary of plans and ideas for the Flavelle mill site, and it was included in the March 12, 2013 agenda package.

[At that time, the draft OCP sub-area map showed a maximum of 12 storeys if the Flavelle site was to be repurposed. Then in May 2013, the map was revised to show a maximum of 28 storeys. Later, on January 7, 2014, council agreed to remove any reference to storeys. A summary of that OCP discussion can be viewed on this site at OCP — Still a Pandora’s Box of unknown outcomes. The maps are available from the Maps area on this site.]

The 8-page Mill and Timber submission (4-page letter; 4 pages of illustrations) can be viewed at the link below.
Flavelle concept letter-March 12 2013 council agenda (pdf)

Additional 2-page letter (same agenda package) from Mill and Timber re density:
2013-01-17-Mill and Timber letter re Flavelle site (pdf)

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