2016-01-12: Public hearing (17 townhomes), and regular council meeting

2016-01-12: Public hearing (17 townhomes), and regular council meeting

Update — January 16, 2016

Land use agenda items
Public hearing result — amendment and rezoning application defeated
Variance request for 1248 Ioco Road — defeated
OCP interpretation for Charles Street — proposal approved

Townhouse proposal for St. Johns Street sent back to the drawing board (Tri-City News)
“A 17-unit townhouse proposed for St. Johns Street will go back to the drawing board after Port Moody council decided it was too soon to allow amendments to the new official community plan.” Click on title/link above for full article.

The council meeting went on for well over three hours, with about one hour spent with a presentation by a delegation from Shawnigan Lake (South Island Resource Management Ltd, aka SIRM) and subsequent discussion. The meeting video is available from this link (city webpage with agenda and video links). You can watch parts — or all — of the meeting.
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The council agenda for January 12, 2016 includes two items scheduled for 7:00 pm: a public hearing (see below), and a development variance application for 1248 Ioco Road (more information on variance application at this city webpage and on the council agenda, link below).

Public hearing — 7:00 pm, Tuesday, January 12, 2016
Official Community Plan Amendment and Rezoning – 2313-2315 St. Johns Street

At the regular council meeting of November 24, 2015, the amendment bylaw was discussed by council and referred to a public hearing. That discussion is available on archived video available from this city website link.

This January 12, 2016 public hearing was postponed from December 8, 2015.

Site area map

2016-01-12-PH-17 townhouse location map

The intent of the proposed new Comprehensive Development zone (CD61) zone is to accommodate up to 17 residential units in two four-storey buildings and one three-storey building.

Access to the townhomes would be from St. Andrews Street (lane).

The public hearing material can be viewed at the link below.
2016-01-12-public hearing-17 townhomes

Concerns heard by MCCA include additional height over what is currently allowed under the recently adopted OCP, that the number of units is excessive for the property, site slope and stability issues, impacts on neighbouring properties including view, and unsafe access via a hilly, narrow lane (St. Andrews).

MCCA has not heard concerns with regard to the general concept of townhomes as new infill.

Comment can be provided in writing to clerks@portmoody.ca before noon on January 12, 2016, or in person at the public hearing scheduled for 7:00 pm, January 12, 2016.

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Regular council meeting — following public hearing, January 12, 2016
The 522 page agenda package is packed with items for discussion, including land use items; e.g., the public hearing held before the regular meeting (17 townhomes), a variance request for a property on Ioco Road, and OCP interpretation for Charles Street.

The agenda table of contents can be viewed at the link below (11 pages, pdf).
2016-01-12-Council agenda TOC

The entire agenda package can be accessed from this city website link (up until Jan. 12); after that date from this link.

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