Council meeting, Moody Centre opinions on land use and housing

Council meeting, Moody Centre opinions on land use and housing

Regular council meeting — Tuesday, January 26, 2016
The 6-page table of contents (pdf) is available from link below.
Entire 145-page agenda package available from city webpage here.
2016-01-26-Council agenda TOC

Moody Centre opinion in the news this week

The following letter was in response to article:
Detached homes are a hot commodity (Tri-City News, Jan. 5, 2016).

LETTER: Multi-family does not subsidize
Tri City News, January 22, 2016

The Editor,

Re. “Big bucks boom in Tri-Cities” (The Tri-City News, Jan. 5).

Where does realtor John Grasty get the notion single-family homes (SFH) are subsidized by multi-family units?

Logic would dictate the more multi-family units, the more strain on municipal services, schools, parks, roads and the environment. This causes everyone’s property taxes to rise.

Multi-family homes, especially highrises, use significantly more gallons of water, natural resources and produce more garbage and sewage than a SFH. A developer, small or large, also needs to pay the city to connect city sanitary, storm and water. This is not a subsidized service, contrary to what Mr. Grasty claims.

Stacking people like sardines next to SkyTrain and bus stations does not magically cure overpopulation and environmental challenges. I highly doubt Mr. Grasty drives his clients around on public transit.

While property values skyrocket, realtors, developers, investors and municipal coffers make more money from multi-family units.

Rick Evon, Port Moody
LETTER: Thanks for voting ‘No’
Tri City News, January 21, 2016

The Editor,

Re. “Townhouses turned down for St. Johns” (The Tri-City News, Jan. 15).

Port Moody council recently turned down a proposal for a four-storey, 17-unit townhouse development on two residential lots in my neighbourhood of heritage and one-family homes.

Many residents are relieved and thankful to our city councillors for listening to our valid concerns opposing this development and taking appropriate action.

This small victory sets a huge precedent in the area and it underscores the importance of being involved in your community: voting for a city council that best represents the needs and goals of the community; talking with your fellow neighbours; and being an active voice on matters that affect you.

It is we — and not the developers — who live here and shape our community.

Tracy Riddell, Port Moody
Opinion piece, Metro Vancouver:
Heads up, Metro Vancouver mayors: A revolt is brewing
That something in the air? It’s anger
By Shelley Fralic, Vancouver Sun columnist, January 19, 2016

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