Land Use Committee — (1) Aragon re-submission; (2) Charles Street OCP changes

Land Use Committee — (1) Aragon re-submission; (2) Charles Street OCP changes

Update, post-meeting:

Item 2, Charles Street OCP changes, was postponed to the next Land Use Committee meeting, likely in March.

For both items (1) and (2), written public feedback received after agenda publication is included in the “on-table” materials available from a link from the city webpage 2016 Committee Agendas and Minutes. The meeting was not video-recorded, even though it was held in council chambers (with the available equipment).

Item 1, the Aragon re-submission, went ahead as scheduled.

There were several speakers, all opposed to the proposal. Similarly, all written feedback expressed disapproval. The reasons given were similar to what was heard at the November 3, 2015 Land Use Committee meeting on the same topic.

In addition, the number of storeys was questioned, both in terms of “what exactly defines a storey” and how many storeys the revised proposal actually showed. It turns out that one of the storeys is the equivalent of two normal storeys, which suggests the proposal should be labelled as having up to 7 storeys.

The OCP ‘vision’ (see earlier material below) shows up to 6 storeys on the property in question. In contrast, the zoning bylaw shows 4-5, depending on the exact location on the property.

The rules for rezoning for new “comprehensive development” zones (CD) are very murky. This will likely continue to cause problems if the rules are not properly defined.

After discussion, the Land Use Committee voted 7:5 to move this item forward to a future council meeting (date not yet known). Opposed were councillors Glumac, Royer, and Vagramov, along with two Port Moody residents appointed to the committee.

Council can decide whether to reject the proposal, or send it to public hearing.

(It still seems strange that the Land Use Committee is made up of all seven members of council, and six Port Moody residents; i.e., council members outnumbering citizen members.)

Original post:

Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2016
7:00 pm, Port Moody City Hall
For anyone wishing to comment on either item, submissions in writing can be sent to before 12:00 noon on Feb. 2nd. As well, individuals can go to the meeting to express their views in person.

(1) Aragon re-submission
2015-10-31-Aragon site location map











A revised submission for this property will be reviewed at the upcoming LUC. A few changes have been made, including height and storeys (lowered) and setbacks (increased).

“Purpose: Aragon Properties Ltd. has applied to rezone the property at 2713-2725 Clarke Street/87 Moody Street from Comprehensive Development Zone 39 (CD39) to Comprehensive Development Zone 64 (CD64). If approved, this application would allow for a six storey and four storey mixed use development with ground level commercial units and a variety of housing forms.”

The application “ask” remains above what the current zoning bylaw sets out, but is more in line with the Official Community Plan (OCP) “vision” (which has been criticized for not containing more precise definitions such as height and base density).

  • The earlier proposal at the Nov. 3, 2015 LUC included building up to 7 storeys and up to a height of 82 feet (25m).
  • The revised proposal for Feb. 2, 2016 shows building up to 6 storeys at up to 72 feet (22m).
  • The current zoning bylaw allows up to 5 storeys facing Clarke St., at up to 60 feet (18.3m).

2016-02-02-Aragon table

How high is one storey?
This has been a problem in the past, and it’s still not clear from an overall perspective, since it seems to depend on the application. The upcoming agenda material suggests the new proposal is in line with the OCP vision of up to 6 storeys — but the OCP doesn’t define storey height. The proposed increase is well above the current CD 39 zoning.

MCCA recommends all interested parties review the entire information/agenda package available from the city webpage here.

Prior posts on this subject:
Update: Aragon development — Land Use Committee (LUC) — Nov. 3, 2015 (application denied)
Aragon development — Land Use Committee (LUC) — Nov. 3, 2015 (initial information and links to city information)

(2) Official Community Plan Text Amendment for Charles Street

2016-02-02-LUC-Charles St

Applicant: City of Port Moody

Purpose: To remove an Official Community Plan (OCP) policy that requires the City to develop a comprehensive plan for the Charles Street neighbourhood prior to significant redevelopment in this area. New OCP policies for this area are proposed to encourage land assembly and the creation of green space and stream enhancement as part of new development.

View Land Use Committee report for Charles Street

During council verbal reports near the end of the regular council meeting on December 8, 2015, Mayor Clay spoke about a Charles Street resident having difficulty selling her home (for a price reflecting upzoning potential, not current assessed value) due to the wording in the OCP, which precipitated this item now appearing before the Land Use Committee. At the final public input period, the resident in question also spoke. The minutes for the meeting are vague and don’t mention Charles Street. The meeting video is available from this link.

The area in question is shown on the OCP map as allowing for up to 6 storeys (currently single-family).  It is part of the newly named “Westport” area which begins in western Moody Centre and continues west up the slope.

“The properties within the Charles Street cul-de-sac are large parcels, many of which have steeply sloping portions. The rear of the properties on the west side of the cul-de-sac include mature trees which form part of the South Shore Forest environmentally sensitive area. A few of the properties at the northern extent of the cul-de-sac also feature forested areas associated with the riparian area south of a tributary of South Schoolhouse Creek. Trails within this area also provide for local recreational use” (excerpt from LUC material).

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3 Responses to Land Use Committee — (1) Aragon re-submission; (2) Charles Street OCP changes

  1. Big Rye says:

    The requirement for a City-led comprehensive neighborhood plan for Charles Street was always a stupid idea. One of a handful of stupid ideas put into to the OCP by councillors instead of by qualified professional staff from the planning department.

  2. Jim says:

    What are your top 3-5 stupid ideas?

    • Big Rye says:

      Top 5 stupid things by Council on OCP:
      1) Height limit of 12 storeys adjacent to Skytrain stations.
      2) Commercial mixed-use redevelopment of Kyle Centre
      3) High density redevelopment in “Westport” with poor transit service.
      4) Complete caving in to NIMBYs in Coronation Park
      5) Allowing 6 storeys within “Heritage Conservation Area”

      That’s off the top of my head, so I reserve the right to expand the list or alter the order of stupidity.

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