Update — Draft Master Transportation Plan Open House (Feb. 24, 2016)

Update — Draft Master Transportation Plan Open House (Feb. 24, 2016)
2016-02-24-MTP open house-NS connections

Image above: potential north-south connections (Moody Centre), dependent on future development, from draft Master Transportation Plan (MTP) open house, Feb. 24, 2016. View other images and text from open house here (link goes to the online survey; as presentation boards are not yet posted on the MTP resources webpage).  Update March 5, 2016:  information no longer at link above; does not seem to be posted elsewhere.

Update on Master Transportation Plan (MTP) open house information, from Moody Centre Community Association president, Hazel Mason

An actual “draft plan” was not presented at the open house, as I had expected. The information was more general than detailed.

We’ll have to wait and see what goes to council, likely on its March 8, 2016 agenda, and posted online by end of day on March 4th. Council agendas are available from this link: Council Meeting Minutes & Agendas.

It’s clear the draft transportation plan (and potential changes) is very inter-connected with future land use in Port Moody.

Some of the presentation material was not new (a summary of planning goals and principles).

Based on the last PAC meeting I attended, I anticipated details on a number of discussion points that weren’t highlighted at the open house, including potential traffic flow changes; for example, changes to Moody Street north of St. Johns.

The open house materials do, however, suggest removing west-bound HOV lane designations from Clarke and St. Johns streets, and establishing a “designated goods movement network” (e.g., truck routes) which Port Moody does not currently have.

There was some emphasis on better north-south connections over the rail tracks (see image above). All of these are dependent on future development. For example, the Mary Street option points directly north to the Flavelle sawmill site (a special study area in Port Moody’s Official Community Plan (OCP); see earlier post Flavelle Land Use Diagram).

Since the Murray-Clarke east-west overpass was killed by Translink (estimated capital cost in 2012 was $70 million) and removed from Port Moody’s OCP, some questions arise on new potential overpasses, including:

  • What are the capital and ongoing costs of potential north-south overpasses, and who pays?
  • If more connections are dependent upon future development, does the developer pay?
  • If developer-paid, what concessions will a developer require in order to make the costs work?
  • Will improvements ease congestion overall, or just make it feasible to move added population to the transportation grid?
  • How would new connections affect existing routes (and properties)?
  • What are the trade-offs?

The transportation plan is clearly an issue Port Moody residents care about: safe and efficient movement of people and goods by various modes.

Stay tuned.

Master Transportation Plan (TransPort Moody) update — draft plan

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