Council agenda for March 22, 2016: includes Aragon, parking, citizen survey summary, and more

Council agenda for March 22, 2016: includes Aragon, parking, citizen survey summary, and more

Update:  The Aragon development application (unchanged from previous Land Use Committee meeting) will go to public hearing on April 12, 2016. The meeting video can be accessed from this city webpage link.

Typically, current council agendas are available from two separate places on the city’s website: Upcoming council meetings; and 2016 Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes. The meeting material for March 22, 2016 can be accessed from the 2nd link currently (not currently at the 1st link).

For complete reports and full agenda, please visit the city website (link above).

People wishing to speak can sign up for public input at the beginning or end of the meeting.

A sampling of the agenda …

Aragon back to council, Item 9.3
Agenda recommendation: that council approve 1st and 2nd readings, and that the rezoning application be referred to a public hearing on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 at City Hall. [This proposal is for the area immediately north of the Station building at St. Johns and Moody Streets.]

The most recent MCCA post on this item is from January 30, 2016:
Land Use Committee — (1) Aragon re-submission; (2) Charles Street OCP changes

Cash in lieu of parking, Item 8.1
Item was on previous council agenda, but unfinished due to meeting adjournment at 11:00 pm (!!).

“A number of rezoning applications have recently been brought forward to Council requesting reductions in parking requirements, citing proximity to Evergreen Line stations as a rationale, and many more are sure to come.”

“Moved and seconded
THAT staff report back to Council with specific amendments to the City of Port Moody Zoning Bylaw or other appropriate bylaw which would permit land owners the option to pay the City a sum of $25,000 per parking stall in lieu of providing the required number of off-street parking stalls in new developments, up to a maximum reduction of 20% of the total number of required off-street parking stalls, in all areas within 800m of an Evergreen Line Station as recommended in the report dated February 28, 2016 from Councillor Rick Glumac regarding Cash-In-Lieu of Parking Program;

AND THAT the staff report back on collecting cash-in-lieu of parking funds in accordance with the Local Government Act, to be utilized for the provision of new off-street public parking spaces, improvements to existing off-street parking spaces, and transportation infrastructure that supports walking, cycling, transit, or other alternative forms of transportation.”

2016 Citizen survey summary, Item 9.1
The Ipsos Public Affairs Citizen Survey was conducted from January 27, 2016 to February 10, 2016.

A summary report is now available. Visit the link above to view the full report.

Excerpts with ed. notes in [brackets]:
Citizens remain decidedly positive about the quality of life in Port Moody today. Consistent with previous surveys, nearly all citizens this year rate the overall quality of life in Port Moody as either ‘very good’ or ‘good’. Citizens are also optimistic about the direction quality of life is taking, with more residents saying the quality of life has ‘improved’ than ‘worsened’ over the past three years.

  • Among those who think the quality of life has ‘improved’, the main reasons are “economic development/more local businesses” [15%] and “growth/development” [12%].
  • Among those who think the quality of life has ‘worsened’, the main reasons are “growth/development” [36%] and various transportation-related issues (“too much traffic”, “poor quality/lack of public transit”, and “SkyTrain/Evergreen Line”).

[Ed. note: Interesting that “growth/development” shows up as a top mention in both positive (12%) and negative (36%), depending on who’s answering the question. Note that respondents who viewed recent growth/development as negative numbered 3 times more than those who viewed it as positive.]

2016-03-22-Ipsos satisfaction survey

“Those who have lived in Port Moody for 10 years or less are significantly more likely to say they are ‘very satisfied’ with the level and quality of City services (48% vs. 44% of 11-20 years, 31% of 21+ years)”.
[To put it another way, almost half of respondents living in Port Moody 10 years or less say they are very satisfied, compared to less than one-third of respondents living in Port Moody 21 years or more.]

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