Update: Aragon public hearing (postponed), and St. George Street townhomes

Update: Aragon public hearing (postponed), and St. George Street townhomes

The way we were … not very long ago … with more city properties and facilities in Moody Centre …
Port Moody Community House-Moody Centre

Aragon public hearing — postponed
The public hearing scheduled for Tuesday, April 12, 2016 has been postponed, and MCCA has been informed that the likely date will be two weeks later on Tuesday, April 26th.  The reason for the postponement is unknown.  The Tri-City News did not carry any ads for the public hearing this past week, as would normally be the case.

Twelve townhomes — 2824-2830 St. George Street
The Trillium Projects proposal for 12 townhomes on two current single family lots in the area of St. George, Hugh, and St. Andrews streets was approved at the Land Use Committee (LUC) meeting on April 5th to move forward to a regular council meeting, at which time it’s likely council will decide to approve a date for a public hearing.

There was not a great deal of public input, and feedback was mixed.  A couple of people said the density was not high enough, while slightly more said 12 townhomes to replace two single family homes was too much, and the city must consider the impact on current infrastructure such as park space, and existing parking issues.  The minutes are not yet available.

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We welcome your feedback, by email or as an online comment.

Other news:  The former Port Moody Legion building on Clarke Street has now been mostly demolished to make way for the  Strand building which will contain residential units as well as an area for the Legion. The cenotaph has been moved to temporary storage.

Below: another blast from the fairly recent past, (then) city-owned land housed an art supply and art showcase store, now part of the Station development; Chevron gas station is on the left side of the picture.
Art supplies-St Johns-city property

Below:  Moody Centre Shopping sign in front of what was then the Port Moody Community House, with the Alley Youth Centre housed in the rear of the building
Moody Centre shopping

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One Response to Update: Aragon public hearing (postponed), and St. George Street townhomes

  1. Dave says:

    And of course, before the Aragon site was a “Community House” and a youth drop-in centre, it was the city Library and a Fire Station and ambulance depot. Not many neighbourhoods in prosperous, growing municipalities actually have amenities and services taken away from them, but Moody Centre does.

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